Ultraman Licensing Programs


The first eight live-action TV series of Ultraman were aired in Japan from 1966-1981 and later broadcast in the United States form the basis of the Classic Ultraman licensing program. They are described in the Ultraman Universe section of this website.

In addition to the 50-year old Classic Ultraman licensing juggernaut, the Ultraman franchise now provides a number of additional licensing opportunities to licensees for consumers ranging in age from 4 to adults.


In the ULTRAMAN comics currently running in Japan, young Shinjiro Hayata awakens to a legacy of heroism, as well as a massive web of intrigue and danger, when he dons the Ultraman Suit, which uses his own inherent “Ultra Factor” to grant him tremendous power. Featuring sharp action and cutting-edge storytelling, ULTRAMAN is the perfect read for young adults and older. The story is the basis for the Anime ULTRAMAN series on Netlfix.


Streaming on Netflix since April of 2019, Anime ULTRAMAN has been declared the #1 most viewed Japanese animated series on the service. The 3D CG series takes place decades after the events of the 1966 series. Adopted from the Comics Ultraman, Shinjiro Hayata, son of Shin Hayata (the human host of Ultraman) takes on his father’s responsibilities to become the new Ultraman when Earth is threatened by a new set of invading aliens. Being a smash hit worldwide, a second season will launch on Netflix.