The time has finally come… Ultra Galaxy Fight: The Destined Crossroad is here! This is the third series

of the Ultra Galaxy Fight saga, but if you haven’t seen the first two, never fear, the Noob is here to tell

you—you don’t have to! The Destined Crossroad is powerful enough to stand alone and still make

perfect sense. This review is based on the Ultraman Connection Watch Party screening of the entire

UGFDC series uncut—which was attended by a record number of you by the way! The movie was in

English, but the TVOD will offer subtitles in various languages for international fans.

The story follows the Ultras as they battle their all-time nemeses the Absolutians, spearheaded by the

almighty Absolute Tartarus. The Ultras must protect the Land Of Light against the threats of the

Absolutians along with many other foes, old and new, recruited by them. With the help of Ultras from

every corner of the franchise, the battle is epic, enthralling, and jam-packed with action!

A movie as fast-paced and intense as Ultra Galaxy Fight: The Destined Crossroad could easily have been

confusing to a newcomer, but between the recap at the beginning and the clarity of the story

throughout, I felt prepared to enter the battlefield alongside the Ultras. I felt I could trust the film to

bring me along for the ride, and I was not disappointed. Psychedelic visuals, entrancingly choreographed

fight sequences, insane costumes, and awesome sound effects worked together to build a delectable

narrative for any Ultra-fan to dissect.

Although there were certainly some references that would be better appreciated by a seasoned

Ultraman enjoyer, even as a noob I could recognize the intricacy of the character relationships. The

focus on the interactions between some of the female Ultras, the camaraderie of some of the more

playful Ultras, even the communication between the Ultras and Absolutians offered great insight into

the inner network of the Land of Light. It was extremely rewarding to see how the Ultras function

amongst themselves outside of a human-centric context.

The Destined Crossroad works to further the Ultraman philosophy of unity creating strength. Although

the passion exerted by individual Ultras in each fight exemplify the importance of ‘giving each effort

your all’ and ‘believing in yourself’, the Ultras aren’t unique for their willpower.

The distinction between the fighting style of the Absolutians and the fighting style of the Ultras is that

when faced with overwhelming challenges, the Ultras share in the strength of their bonds and even

merge with one another to increase their power. They work together and cheer each other on. The

Ultras prioritize teamwork while their foes often pursue highly individualistic concerns indulging in their

own best interests sometimes at the expense of one another.

When Tartarus shows the slightest bit of concern for Absolute Diavolo, for example, warning that

Diavolo has expended one of the last of his remaining “lives,” for example, Diavolo literally smacks his

leader’s hand away and grunts that he knows. The Absolutians, it seems, have little comprehension of

kindness or negotiation (which would have solved their whole crisis a lot less violently).

In the Ultraman franchise we usually see Ultras and their enemies battle on Earth, one on one, so

getting the opportunity to see the social interactions, politics, and emotional relationships between

their people on such a large scale was definitely a treat.

All in all, for me, the most important takeaway from Ultra Galaxy Fight: The Destined Crossroad was a

reminder we all need from time to time:

“Do not fight with anger in your heart.”

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The Noob is Evangelia Artemis, a New York-based writer and otaku who works on staff at Ultraman

Connection. Her first live appearance was at the Watch Party Round Table for UGFDC.