A New Trailer for ULTRAMAN DECKER FINALE is Released! The New Giant’s Name is…Ultraman Dinas!

A New Trailer for ULTRAMAN DECKER FINALE is Released! The New Giant’s Name is…Ultraman Dinas!

Ultraman Decker Finale: Journey to Beyond will be released on February 23rd, 2023 (Japan time) on Ultraman Connection.


* Spoiler Alert: This article discusses the last episode of the Ultraman Decker TV series. For those who have not watched it, please read at your own discretion.


Trailer for Ultraman Decker Finale: Journey to Beyond is Released


Ultraman Decker TV series concluded on January 21st (Japan time). After the battle against Sphere, Kanata Asumi (played by Hiroki Matsumoto) bids farewell to Decker and is no longer able to transform into Ultraman. However, a year later, Kanata and the others are forced to face the worst nightmare ever. The new trailer for Ultraman Decker Finale: Journey to Beyond, featuring the final battle for GUTS-Select, has been released.


Shunichi Maki, who narrated the previous special news PV, narrates this trailer. Maki has also voiced Darrgon in Ultraman Trigger.



Ultraman Dinas, the New Hero


The mysterious woman (played by Kayano Nakamura), who was introduced in the first information release, is Dinas the Lavian. Dinas somehow seems to own the Ultra D Flasher, the exact one that Kanata had given up and she uses the Dinas card to transform into Ultraman Dinas.


Fighting is not the Lavian's strong suit, so even after transforming into Ultraman Dinas, kicking and punching are not her forte. Her strength lies in her ability to utilize the Kaiju cards that allows her to mimic the Kaiju’s abilities.


Height: 55m 

Weight: 45,000 tons



A peculiar sound echoes through the sky. Those who hear it faint and eventually vanish. 


Expert team GUTS-Select investigate but are met with attacks from an alien army and a pitch-black mobile fortress, Zorgaus, piloted by Professor Gibellus who seeks to rule the skies of Earth. As Kanata and crew find themselves in trouble, a mysterious woman who knows Gibellus suddenly appears. The woman, Dinas, possesses a mysterious power. With her “duty to protect,” Dinas and GUTS-Select work together to foil the evil scheme, but a barbaric “Emperor Beast” appears and casts a shadow over the events. Kanata, Dinas, and GUTS-Select begin an all-out battle to decide the fate of the Earth and entire galaxy!