Anatomy of a Beta Capsule

Anatomy of a Beta Capsule

It’s a design as classic as Ultraman himself, inimitable and unmistakable (unless you have a spoon you were eating curry with, but that’s beside the point) — the Beta Capsule is the last word in transformation devices. Used by the original Ultraman since 1966, the Beta Capsule is just the perfect piece of Ultra kit — but how does it work, exactly? Let’s take a quick peek under that smooth exterior and see what makes it tick — er, flash.

The true mechanics of the Beta Capsule are honestly a fairly closely-guarded secret, but a few key elements are easily understood — when the host of an Ultra presses the button on the side of the device, the lantern-like tip of the device releases a phenomenon known as the “Flash Beam,” which allows the host to become Ultraman. Simple as that! There are multiple theories on how that transformation actually works, however.

One of the prevailing theories is that the Flash Beam released by the Beta Capsule acts like a sort of “pilot light” for the Ultra, an initial spark that allows the dormant Ultra to convert the human body into light. However, this is not firmly clear at this point. In Shin Ultraman, however, the Beta Capsule works slightly differently, and is actually explained – even if it is a little… inscrutable.

The Beta System, of which Shin Ultraman’s Beta Capsule is a core result of, is an extradimensional energy/matter conversion system that connects to a sort of “subspace,” known as the Planck Brane. Essentially, as matter and energy cannot be destroyed or created, only transferred, the Beta System “borrows” matter and energy from the Planck Brane, using it to gigantify the user, be it Ultraman himself, Mefilas, or even Hiroko Asami. The Beta Capsule, being a pocket-sized conduit for the Beta Capsule, is a result of the astounding technology of the Planet of Light, and cannot be easily replicated, even by other extraterrestrial species.

The Beta Capsule is a beloved “standard” device in all continuities of the Ultraman Series where it appears, and even 57 years later, it remains a recognizable symbol of the series. Hopefully this little aside has helped explain some of what makes it such a cool device! And for more information on the inner workings of the Ultraman Series, stay close to Ultraman Connection!