Breaking Down the Ultraman Decker Finale: Journey to Beyond Trailer

Breaking Down the Ultraman Decker Finale: Journey to Beyond Trailer

It’s been a week since Ultraman Decker ended the Sphere invasion of Earth, saving countless lives and opening the pathway to a bright future for the universe. However, it seems that the crises facing the Earth are not yet over, and one last adventure is in store, in the upcoming movie Ultraman Decker Finale: Journey to Beyond. Let’s take a look through the trailer and see if we can’t glean anything about Kanata Asumi and GUTS-Select’s final adventure!

A New Threat: Gibellus

Targeting the newly freed Earth is a mysterious alien known as Gibellus. From atop his flagship, the Zorgaus, Gibellus begins releasing a mysterious signal. Once you hear it, you first pass out, then you disappear. With countless victims falling sway to this mysterious weapon, the alien professor has begun a full invasion with his army of aliens from across the universe! 

A number of notable aliens that have battled Ultraman in the past reappear here, including an Alien Pedan, with his people’s legendary robot weapon, King Joe! But this does not look like the friendly version we’ve become familiar with in recent years!

Not Decker… But Dinas?

At the end of his battle against the Sphere, Kanata Asumi surrendered the Light that allowed him to transform into Ultraman Decker. At the time, many assumed that the Ultra D Flasher and Ultra Dimension Cards returned to the future, to the hands of Kanata’s descendent, Decker Asumi. However, as Gibellus’ invasion begins, a young alien woman, the Alien Ravian Dinas, appears, wielding the power to transform into Ultraman herself! 

Though it seems that Ultraman Dinas is a less physically imposing hero than Decker, the new hero can make greater use of the Mons Dimension Cards than Kanata could, utilizing the powers of Kaiju to fight! How did Dinas obtain the Light, and what is her connection to either Decker or Gibellus? We won’t find out until the movie premieres…

Other Mysteries

Beyond these two key characters, there are other questions that are still unresolved. At several points during the trailer, Mons Dimension Cards are seen attached to the sleeves of Kanata and other members of GUTS-Select. Why? Are they perhaps some kind of protection against Gibellus’s mysterious signal? And what is the mysterious “Emperor Beast” that the mad conqueror seems to have brought to Earth? Finally, Decker himself is seen in the fray once again. How has Kanata regained the light? 

There are just too many questions currently for one article! Thankfully, we’re only a month away from the release of Ultraman Decker Finale: Journey to Beyond, so we won’t have to wait too long. Stay close to Ultraman Connection, as we continue to cover all Decker Finale and Ultraman Series news!