Fan Reactions to Ultraman Blazar Episode 6 “The invading Aurora”

Fan Reactions to Ultraman Blazar Episode 6 “The invading Aurora”

Ultraman Blazar Episode 6 "The Invading Aurora" took us on a joyride with a focus on SKaRD sweetheart, Yasunobu Bando. This week we were met with some crazy Blazar VS Earth Garon action, we learned more about Bando, and we got to see a familiar face… But familiar doesn’t always mean safe.

We learn through the episode that Yasunobu Bando has a very special relationship with his washer/dryer machine. Hey, who doesn’t vent to their favorite appliance every once in a while? It usually wouldn’t be a problem, except when the first alien invasion plot of the season was set in motion and with an Aurora Beam and all machines were given a life of their own. The whole premise opens many questions. One of which being:

Longtime fans recognized the perpetrator of the Aurora Beam as the reprise of Alien Cannan, who’s back for more this time but couldn’t stand a chance against Earth Garon and Blazar’s “twisted” new powers! 

Blazar’s powers were a major topic of conversation this week, and rightfully so. What were all those gymnastics about? Some fans begged that same question, others weren’t surprised that he continues to push the envelope of what an Ultra is capable of.

But the focus wasn’t just on Blazar this episode. Yasunobu’s charm, kindness and determination won everyone over. 

Well, his charm, kindness, determination, and some other stuff… 

But we really don’t just love Yasunobu for his good looks. We all feel him on a deeper level. Well, on most levels. 

Regardless of everything else, I think it’s safe to say, in the end, the main takeaway can be summed up in one comment. 

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