Ultraman Blazar episode 11, “Escape” was out of this world, with new meteoric threat Gebalga crashing onto Earth to further complicate Gento and Blazar’s relationship issues. With an insane battle, rising tensions, and questions that are getting harder and harder to avoid, it feels like we’re nearing a point of understanding Blazar’s ways, and maybe he’s not quite as feral as we thought!

The Gento-Blazar-battle-for-dominance has always weighed on Gento, but as the series progresses, it seems like it’s becoming more and more existential for our good captain. He might not be able to confide in his team for their own sake, but who said there’s anything wrong with a little quiet yearning to be understood? Who hasn’t asked an important question under their breath, hoping to be ignored but secretly wishing to be heard?

SKaRD is starting to catch wind of Blazar’s odd behavior, in fact everyone is questioning why it seems like he’s grappling with an internal struggle… But alas, the double-life charade must continue while there’s bigger space-starfish to fry!

Okay, maybe he’s more than a space starfish. In fact, Gebalga is getting all kinds of love across the fandom.

In fact, it seems Gebalga is helping define the way Kaiju are classified in the context of Blazar. Another point for space Kaiju!

Everyone’s still rooting for fan-favorite-mecha Earth Garon to get his lick back and finally secure a win for himself, even when he gets slam-dunked into a body of water. Now that’s what I call support!

But the biggest support of all, is Blazar himself, who steps in when he’s needed most and never ceases to wow us with his unexpected moves, leaving us with the same question every time:

This week we’re left on a bit of a cliffhanger. Blazar fled the scene, seemingly taking the note from Gento’s playbook that if the threat is too great, it’s best to escape. Maybe Blazar is more calculated and attentive than his monkey-man demeanor originally let on. Regardless, humanity is left wondering: Where did Ultraman go?

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