Fans React to Ultraman Blazar Episode 20 “Night of Insects Chirping”

Fans React to Ultraman Blazar Episode 20 “Night of Insects Chirping”

This week on Ultraman Blazar episode 20, “Night of Insects Chirping”, we get a spotlight on one of the more reserved heroes of the SKaRD team, Teruaki Nagura. Teruaki is called back to his family home to deal with something far more intimidating than any Kaiju: Defending his life choices to his father. I know we can all relate to that in some capacity! 

When father and son are interrupted by the threat of the insect kaiju, Zugugan, we get both an action packed moment of suspense and a very real moment of a parent realizing their impact on their child. Teruaki’s father sees for the first time with true clarity that Teruaki has inherited his hardworking nature, valor and downright stubbornness. While he is a unique individual, Teruaki is also an amalgamation of his loved one’s influences, as we all are. 

SKaRD might’ve been preoccupied with their, um... children’s entertainment mission, but they made it to the scene just in time to save Teruaki and his father. After having been pushed into subordination by Dobashi last episode, the stakes are higher for them to prove themselves and they don’t miss the mark! 

Earth Garon put up a good fight, but ultimately suffered the brunt of Zugugan’s weaponized mucus. Ew.

Blazar was almost a similar case, but Teruaki’s observational skills and cunning plan to emulate the larvae chirping sound bought Blazar enough time to save himself and bow-and-arrow everyone to safety. Teruaki didn’t leave unscathed though, as we get a moment alone with him as he solemnly mourns Zugugan. 

In a final moment of both pride and ultimate vulnerability, Teruaki’s father allows himself to appreciate the land he toils, protected by his son. They really know how to end with a tug on the heart string! 

Plus, we got a sneak peak of something super exciting soon to come… 

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