Last week, Ultraman Blazar switched things up with the very special recap episode, “Uncover the True Identity of Giant Creatures.” We’re used to seeing SKaRD and the yowling man himself take on Kaiju full-throttle, but seeing the intergalactic chaos unfolding on Earth from a civilian POV has got everyone riled up. 

Many fans made the connection between the reporters that carried this episode’s plot might be familiar faces from another Ultra series… Is it possible there’s a common thread? 

The realism of the world of Blazar has hooked us from the very start but the human-centric-focus this episode took world-building to the next level.  

And it seems that everyone agrees there’s nothing better than a clip show that doesn’t feel like a clip show! 

We even got a chance to give a little love to characters everyone wants more of. General consensus: Earth Garon is the official Blazar mascot. 

Comment by u/Spider-Phoenix from discussion ULTRAMAN BLAZAR Special EP "Uncover the True Identity of the Giant Creatures" - Discussion Thread in Ultraman

A chance to see new perspectives gives us a space to see our own views platformed. Who knew Ultra-fans had the same exact thoughts on Blazar’s fighting style as the reporters in the show. 

“Uncover the True Identity of Giant Creatures” gave us new insights into the world we’re learning to love and did it all while preserving the clip-show format AND respecting fans’ integrity. We love to see it. 

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