Since the announcement of Netflix’s Ultraman: Rising earlier this year, fans have been eagerly awaiting any intel on the animated feature’s premise and design. This past Thursday, with the release of the Ultraman: Rising trailer, we finally got a glimpse and Ultra-fans and Ultra-NOOBs alike are locked in! Everyone is itching to know more about what this version of Ultraman is all about.

Already we see a charm and brightness to Ken Sato that we’ve seen in Ultra hosts before, but like all heroes, he brings his own unique charm to the table while also balancing some attributes of past favorites!

The Ultraman we all know and love now gets to be honored by the feats of elevated animation and we’re all about it.

The state-of-the-art animation isn’t the only modern spin on the Ultraman we all know and love though, this Ultraman has a lot to say! Newcomers and old-timers will get to know our hero in a brand-new light. With quippy dialogue and a personality that shines through no matter the adversity, we get to know Ken Sato and his Ultraman alter at the same time.

We’re more than happy to welcome the onset of interested Netflix fans. What better than to get to know Ultraman through a whole new generation of eyes?

And of course, there are easter eggs scattered throughout for the ride-or-dies.

And ride-or-dies you are! Even amidst the madness and excitement of the trailer drop, fans were already able to pencil in time to pay homage with masterful creations. 

This year Ultraman has been breaking through in the west with Ultraman Blazar, and now we’re going the extra mile with Rising. And though the two stories have their differences, some fans have pointed out an interesting overlap!  

As Ultraman expands internationally, the fandom continues to grow and the love of light continues to influence open-hearted individuals worldwide. Whether you’re a tokusatsu fan for life, a fan of emerging animation, or simply a curious mind, we welcome you to the Ultra community and we can’t wait to hear what more you have to say as our journey towards Ultraman: Rising continues to unfold. 

Ultraman: Rising is set to come out next year and will be available on Netflix worldwide. Stay tuned for more updates here on Ultraman Connection!