What an incredible experience it has been at New York Comic Con 2022! These four days have been packed with over 16 separate events dedicated to Tsuburaya Productions’ Ultraman franchise including panels with Marvel, Ultraman Connection, VIZ Media and the Shin Ultraman movie screening at AMC Empire 34! Plus, there were meet and greets at several booths including Bandai Namco’s Tamashii Nations, Nerds Clothing, What’s Your Passion Jewelry, Nakatomi, and VeVe.

Day 4 starts off bright and early at the Nerds Clothing booth. As the doors open at 10:00am, families and children rush in to meet Ultraman, putting up their battle poses to get their photos taken with our hero from Nebula M78.

However, the very first person waiting in line was this gentleman, a diehard fan of the original series who was kind enough to let the kids go in front. Once the kids cleared the way, he came up to meet his childhood hero and shows off his newly bought jacket to the camera.

The kindness between us humans is what Ultraman strives to protect and wishes for a peaceful community for all.

Even wrestler Danhausen came over to meet this intergalactic hero!

Fans love these satin wrapped bomber jackets and are happy to show off their purchases. We must say they feel very comfortable and highly recommend fans to check them out!

After wrapping up the Meet & Greet, Nerds Clothing owner Eric Medina comes over for one last photo with Ultraman!

Next stop was What’s Your Passion Jewelry. Ultraseven arrives as fans check out the newly debuted “chibified” Ultraman cloisonné pins that are on display.

As he turned around, parents and children were lining up to eagerly meet the Giant of Light and get their pictures taken.

Everyone smiled for the camera! It was so heartwarming to see our beloved Ultra Heroes being loved by so many. What a great welcome for the Ultras to New York Comic Con!

Ultraseven enjoyed meeting everyone and came over to do one last photo with the What’s Your Passion team including owners Ari Kathein and Avital Kathein.

The WYP team were very generous and shared their love of the new line of Ultraman pins by giving visitors a free Ultraseven pin!

We then headed over to Nakatomi. While checking out the really cool art prints, Ultraman suddenly appeared and drew attention from all corners!

And just like that, heads turned, and families lined up to meet the protector of earth.

All smiles can be found from children, men, and women of all ages as they posed with Ultraman.

Just as Ultraman was about to take off, Nakatomi owner Tim Doyle jumped in to do one last final Spacium Beam with our hero.

We then made our way to a surprise stop at the VeVe digital collectibles booth. There Ultraseven makes his final Meet & Greet appearance. This line was the longest so far, with Ultraseven logging in some overtime to make sure he met with every fan.

Families, friends, and Veve staff members all gathered around with excitement. Even the staff at the Marvel Entertainment booth came over to take photos with Ultraseven!

As we evolve into the digital age, we see that physical real-life interactions with one another are still important in our society. The meet and greets with the Ultras truly brought out the joys of many.

Our last and final stop for New York Comic Con 2022 was none other than the Tamashii Nations booth. The crowds gathered around for one last chance to take a photo with Ultraman in New York City. Only this time, Ultraman is no longer a stranger to convention-goers, he is a friend. Fans go all out in creativity with their poses!

It is truly a milestone for Ultraman and seeing his presence growing more than ever before in the United States. Years ago, tokusatsu fans typically had to be shy about their love for the genre in the past to avoid being called childish. As anime, manga, and tokusatsu are now more accepted in our society, fans can live in a world where we no longer need to fear showing off their affection for Ultraman with T-shirts by Uniqlo, bomber jackets by Nerds Clothing, or hoodies by Cospa.

As veteran fans of Ultraman ourselves, we are so thrilled to see the amazing turnout for Ultraman at New York Comic Con 2022 and seeing the popularity of Ultraman continuing to rise across the globe.

With New York Comic Con 2022 wrapping up, we bid farewell to Ultraman, Ultraseven, Ultraman Suit, Ultraman, Suit Taro, and our two special guests manga creators Eiichi Shimizu and Tomohiro Shimoguchi. But this is not the end. Ultraman will return!

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This post was written by Ultraman Connection newcomer GForever (UC Member: Andrew Wong), who also contributed many of the photos for our New York Comic Con 2022 coverage. We’ll be seeing more of GForever’s work soon.