Robo-Profile: Windom!

Robo-Profile: Windom!

Last week, we started our look at the beloved Special Aircraft robots of Ultraman Z’s STORAGE defense team. Starting with Sevenger, who received a new design and new life as the first Special Aircraft. This week, we’ll be looking at the second, who, despite coming later during the events of Z, has a far larger and more storied career: The capsule monster-turned-robot, Windom!

Windom, like Sevenger, is tied to Ultraseven, but unlike Sevenger, Windom’s career has spanned decades, being the first of Dan Moroboshi’s Capsule Monsters, and the first monster to appear in Ultraseven in general, preceding even his master Ultraseven. Though only able to act for a limited period, Windom’s metallic body and beam attacks made him capable of holding enemies off until Seven could join the battle himself.

Decades later, during the events of Ultraman Mebius, Windam was revived by Team GUYS as a Maquette Monster, a simulated lifeform that could be commanded like Seven’s Capsule Monsters. It was here that Windom got an upgrade in Fire windom, a version of the silver creature that mounted a powerful flamethrower capable of shooting out fireballs. Unfortunately, this Windom’s operation time was even lower than its capsule monster counterpart, lasting only a single minute.

As part of STORAGE, Windom has no relation to previous iterations, being an original design by Yuka Ohta, and is robotic in contrast to the organic natures of previous Windoms. Having been developed as a partner and eventual full successor to Sevenger, this version is by far the most heavily-armed version of Windom, having access to not only its signature forehead beam, but a vast battery of missiles and jet thrusters through the pores that have covered its body. 

Windom had a similarly illustrious career to Sevenger as part of STORAGE, but perhaps its most famous battle was against the second Alien Barossa, where Windom busted out a number of fantastic moves right out of a super robot series. (Which super robot series, you ask? Watch Ultraman Z Episode 17, “Beliarok,” to figure that out for yourself!)

Since then, Windom has even continued to appear, though not as a robot. In Ultraman Decker, Windom, along with Ultraseven’s other Capsule Monsters Miclas and Agira, returned once again, acting as an occasional ally and asset for Kanata Asumi, Ultraman Decker’s host, to summon when needed. Windom didn’t have many appearances here, but when it did show up, it used its powerful laser to blast away threats like Sphere-Red King!

For 55 years, Windom has been one of the most notable allies an Ultra could have. As a member of STORAGE, it was a dependable workhorse whose pilots brought out the best in it. Next week, however, we’ll be taking a look at an even more powerful mech in STORAGE’s arsenal… though not one particularly known for its heroism. Until then, check out STORAGE’s best moments by watching Ultraman Z here on Ultraman Connection!