John Bellotti Jr., better known by his alias Robo7, is an New York City-based poster artist with a talent for illustrating vibrant, dynamic compositions that pay homage to the monsters of film and television. Lucky for us, Robo7 recently announced that he has partnered with Tsuburaya Productions to bring us some all-new officially licensed Ultraman apparel and has revealed his second T-shirt after the brilliant Ultraman tee from earlier this year—Ultraseven! 

The high quality, hybrid printed, 100% cotton T-shirt is hand printed and features our hero Ultraseven taking his fighting stance while surrounded by an assortment of everyone’s favorite Kaiju. From left to right, top to bottom, we see Pandon, Star Bem Gyeron, Alien Metron, Alien Guts, Alien Pegassa, Eleking, King Joe, Dinosaur Tank, Alien Chibu, Alien Icarus, Iron Rocks, Miclas, Agira, and Windom in their respective iconic poses. 

The Ultraseven T-Shirt showcases Robo7’s style, blending classic American comic art with Japanese manga aesthetics to create a hyper detailed image with retro charm. Anyone who sports this awesome shirt will be honoring Ultraman’s epic ensemble of Kaiju with style and flare. 

Robo7 took the time to let us into his process and share the thinking behind the design. He explains that he created the original design in 2019 but was unsatisfied and has since spent a long time perfecting the Kaiju line up. He chose Agira for his sleepy eyes, Dino Tank for his uniqueness, Metron for his bomb-popsicle color scheme, Iron Rocks for his craziness, Alien Guts for his iconic design, Alien Icarus for his style, Pandon for his zany body, Alien Pegassa for his heart-wrenching deceitfulness, Gyeron for his role in Robo7’s favorite series, and King Joe and Eleking because they are “no brainers.” He acknowledges that he had to make some tough cuts but ultimately, he chose an awesome and diverse mix. 

To say Ultraseven is my favorite Ultra-show is an understatement. I couldn’t wait to get this shirt out onto the market as it’s my ultimate expression of how much I truly do love this series.” — Robo7

The Ultraseven shirt is currently going for $30 and is available here in all sizes. Visit Robo7 to check out the Ultraman Tee and his line of flashy posters here. Be sure to put in your order and stay tuned for more here at!