Season’s Greetings from Ultraman Connection

Season’s Greetings from Ultraman Connection

The holidays are here, and a massive year not just for Ultraman Connection, but the Ultraman Series as a whole is coming to a close. Before then, a few voices from our end wish to share our gratitude and feelings to you, our audience and our friends.

If, like me, you’re a fan of Ultraman then what a terrific year this has been! Ultra Heroes are now being recognized by people outside of our core fan community—when I was younger, I never thought that could happen. For me, the highlights were the live shows we did at New York Comic Con along with the arrival of Ultraman at the Tamashii Nations store in Times Square. But then there was Blazar! Like so many of you, I have a special adoration for this yowling, leaping monkey—and I’ve purposefully avoided learning his fate at Tsuburaya Productions conferences just so I’ll be surprised like the rest of you. And that special holiday gift? It’s the year 2024 and the ever more amazing Ultraman stories, collectibles, and games that are on the way! You know I love you all. Happy New Year! 

— Jeff Gomez, Producer, Ultraman Connection

The holidays are always a bittersweet time of year to me; we only have so many days in our lives, and every day not spent doing something you love is one of those days wasted. How lucky for me, then, that I got to spend every day this year with all of you, celebrating the hero that defined my childhood. When I became part of this big, wonderful family, I made myself a promise — that I would guide and steward this amazing project as best I could to make it so that every fan out there could proudly say “I love Ultraman!” and be greeted with smiles of admiration and understanding. To all of you who I’ve met at FanExpo in Toronto, New York Comic Con, even the returning TsubuCon in Tokyo, as well as all the tiny moments in the real world and online where I’ve been able to have that moment myself, where I could say, myself, “I love Ultraman!” and you were there to respond in kind: Thank you. I am eternally grateful to be on this never-ending odyssey with all of you. Here’s to even greater travels and triumphs in 2024.

— EJ Couloucoundis, Editor-in-Chief, Ultraman Connection

Regular Ultraman Connection content will resume on December 26th.