Shuwatch!! Volume 3 Ends Orders June 9th!

Shuwatch!! Volume 3 Ends Orders June 9th!

Today is the last day to grab your copy of SHUWATCH!!: The Ultraman Fan Zine Volume 3! For those of you who don’t know, the SHUWATCH!! zine is a compilation of fan-made mixed media art that showcases the talent and admiration for Ultraman held by people around the world. 

All of the zine’s proceeds go to the Ultraman Foundation, one of Japan’s many successful natural disaster relief charities. Today you can contribute by purchasing a zine package! 

The Burrade Bundle is $10USD and features a digital (PDF) of SHUWATCH complete with 32 artworks, 8 written works, and 3 comics all submitted by 45 contributors from around the world. 

The Especially Bundle is $25USD and includes both a digital and physical copy. 

The Zeperion Bundle is $15USD and includes a digital copy of the zine as well as an epic merch haul! A Taro + Taiga keychain, a M78 Hotel Keychain, a Noa Keychain, a 58mm holographic Zett Button, Five solo Stickers, one Sticker Sheet, and two postcards! 

And finally, The Spacium Bundle is $40USD and includes everything available in the Zeperion Bundle as well as a physical copy. 

Don’t miss out! Place your order today to celebrate Ultraman and the phenomenal Ultra-fan community and be sure to stay tuned for more updates here at