With Ultraman Day just around the corner, Ultraman Galaxy is revealing new information and great products leading up to July 10th! We’re here today to give you a sneak peek at an episode from Anime ULTRAMAN, and further updates for old fans (as well as an introduction for new ones!).

On March 2, 2020, Anime ULTRAMAN was named Best TV Anime at the 2020 VFX-Japan Awards, receiving positive reviews all over the world, and in April 2020, official plans were announced to produce a second season.

We would now like to reveal some Ultra-special updates for this second season, including the latest promotional video! Watch it to learn about the series’ newest cast member, Tatsuhisa Suzuki. Fans have given us enthusiastic comments, as he joined the series in Season 1, singing the theme song in OLDCODEX.

With production underway on the second season, you can see his contributions in this new sneak peek scene, where ULTRAMAN, SEVEN, and ACE continue their fierce battles from Season 1. Then, a mysterious horned silhouette wreathed in flames appears, uttering those fateful lines, “I am Taro – Ultraman Taro!”

After seeing this introduction, we have high hopes for season 2!

Netflix original anime series ULTRAMAN season 2 ultra-special updates URL: https://youtu.be/Ni4kWpURtfQ

A Statement From New Cast Member Tatsuhisa Suzuki, The Voice of Ultraman Taro:

I will be joining the series as Ultraman Taro. While reading the original comic, I had wondered how they were going to breathe life into Taro, who has a charming personality, strong will, and vigor and burns like the sun, and that’s when I got the offer.

Now that I have been cast, I hope that I can convey my burning passion through my voice. Please stay tuned. I am excited to exceed everyone’s expectations.

Anime “ULTRAMAN” Season 1 Details

Released on Netflix worldwide


Episodes: 13

Original Story: Tsuburaya Productions, Eiichi Shimizu, Tomohiro Shimoguchi (Serialized on HERO’S monthly magazine)

Director: Kenji Kamiyama, Shinji Aramaki

Music: Nobuko Toda, Kazuma Jinnouchi

Studio: Production I.G. × SOLA DIGITAL ARTS

Cast: Ryohei Kimura (Shinjiro Hayata), Takuya Eguchi (Dan Moroboshi), Megumi Han (Seiji Hokuto), Hideyuki Tanaka (Shin Hayata)

Opening Song: OLDCODEX “Sight Over The Battle”

TV Opening Song: OLDCODEX “Core Fade”

TV Ending Song: Void_Chords feat. Ryohei & Foggy-D “my ID”

Anime “ULTRAMAN” Official Website: http://anime.heros-ultraman.com/

Official Twitter Account: @heros_ultraman

ULTRAMAN Global Twitter Account: @TsuburyaGlobal



A Giant of Light once protected Earth from monsters and alien invasions: Ultraman! He merged with a human named Shin Hayata, a pilot for the human defense-force known as SSSP. Years have passed since he completed his mission and left Earth, and humans have enjoyed an age of prosperity. However, this peace was never more than an illusion…

Now, as Earth once again needs the power of the “Giant of Light,” a hero who inherited the Light appears. This hero is no a giant, however, but a regular high schooler with worries and troubles in a metallic powered suit.

Named Shinjiro Hayata, he is the son of former Ultraman, Shin Hayata, but he will have His own exciting adventuresas he strives to become the next generation’s Ultraman!


Ultraman first appeared on screens in 1966. Half a century later, in 2011, the manga ULTRAMAN (written by Eiichi Shimizu and Tomohiro Shimoguchi, serialized in Monthly HERO’S) was published. The story is the basis of the program, focusing on the world after Ultraman has left Earth and following the main character’s struggling with responsibilities of being the son of the previous her as he fights enemies in his powered armor. This series was a great entry point into the series and has gained many young fans, They made the comic a huge hit, leading to more than 3 million copies sold.

Director Kenji Kamiyama, known for directing Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex and Napping Princess, and director Shinji Aramaki, known for directing APPLESEED and Starship Troopers: Traitor of Mars, have teamed up for this project.

  • Kamiyama is famous for his heavy-duty sci-fi storylines as well as his handling of human drama.
  • Aramaki is one of the leading experts on full 3DCG anime movies, gaining attention from all over the world for his production of CG mechanic/gadget action.

Now, these two outstanding creators have teamed up for the full 3DCG animation in anime ULTRAMAN. Production I.G. and SOLA DIGITAL ARTS are working together to create an animation filled with dynamic motions, 3DCG of the Ultraman suit with amazing details, and motion capture technology of the actors put into the characters.

With the creation of anime ULTRAMAN, Japan’s legendary hero Ultraman has started a new chapter of history.

The latest information can be found on the official website and twitter.

・Anime ULTRAMAN official website: http://anime.heros-ultraman.com/

・Official Anime ULTRAMAN Twitter Account: http: @heros_ultraman

・Ofiicial Ultraman Global Twitter Account: @TsuburayaGlobal

ULTRAMAN Manga Details

Written By: Eiichi Shimizu, Tomohiro Shimoguchi (Linebarrels of Iron and more)

Published By: HERO’S INC., Monthly Comic Magazine “HERO’S”

Series: Volume 15, sold from April 3rd, 2020 / HERO’S Comic (Shogakukan Creative)

ULTRAMAN Official Website: https://heros-ultraman.com/

Official Twitter Account: @heros_ultraman