The Monster Report is a YouTube series at the cross section between totally wholesome and completely awesome! Host, Nick Adam, celebrates movie monsters by reviewing content and conducting conversations with other likeminded fans of classic monsters, Tokusatsu and Kaiju. 

If you’ve already been tuning in, you might have recognized recent guest, Ultraman Connection’s very own, Jeff Gomez! The two discuss their introductions to Ultraman, what Ultraman means to them, the importance of the series, and much more. Nick serves as an eager and engaging host, as he does in all his videos. 

However, Mr. Gomez isn’t the only special guest featured on Monster Report. In fact, one of the best parts of the Monster Report channel is that Nick is oftentimes joined by his children! Nick has five kids who all regularly watch the various Ultraman series and films, and most recently Nick was joined by his son Eli in reviewing the Shin Ultraman Dynamation figure. The excitement the father-son duo share is the perfect reminder of what makes Ultraman so special to begin with. 

In interviewing my fair share of Ultrafans, I have found that time and time again people fondly reminisce on being introduced to Ultraman by a loved one. One of the many things that makes the franchise so unique is that it has so many incarnations. With each new series, the Ultraman franchise takes on a relatability that is relative to each generation. Seeing that sentiment shared in real time by this family channel just makes you want to grab your nearest sibling, cousin, niece, or nephew and rewatch your favorite Ultra Series! 

Nick Adam has an admirable respect for Ultraman, sharing the magic of the franchise with his children through the series and films as well as the Kaiju guidebooks and collectible figures. He is actively passing the torch and along the way, drawing attention to the beauty of the series through genuine and thought-provoking conversation. 

The Monster Report currently boasts almost 100,000 subscribers and is growing daily! Make sure to check them out for all kinds of great reviews and discussions, and most of all, to experience the intergenerational connection that Ultraman has been facilitating for years. You can find all of this and more at or on their YouTube channel, Don’t forget to stay tuned for all things Ultraman updates here on!