The fan favorite tokusatsu streaming network TokuSHOUTsu will be running Ultraman Rising: The Ultraman Day Special on Sunday, July 10, 2022, at 8pm EST.

You can watch the show on Apple TV, Amazon Fire, Pluto TV, and other platforms by downloading the Shout! Factory app and searching for TokuSHOUTsu.

Hosted by Sean Nichols and Mike Dent, and featuring appearance by Ultraman Connection personalities Jeff Gomez, EJ Couloucoundis, and Evangelia “the Noob” Artemis, the special will be packed with surprises and a boatload of never-before-seen footage guaranteed to thrill fans of any incarnation of the Giant of Light.

Ultraman Rising: The Ultraman Day Special will have plenty in store for fans. There will be special announcements on upcoming projects from Marvel Comics, Netflix, and Production I.G., a spotlight on anime ULTRAMAN, previews of upcoming Ultraman series on TokuSHOUTsu, new Spark Doll Theater, and a spectacular Ultras Vs. Kaiju floor show made exclusively for this special. The combatants will be linked with the summer Ultraman slate of the TokuSHOUTsu network—so if you want to know who will appear, just check the listings!

Universes collide at Anime Expo 2022 as Sean White (Sean Nichols) and UCL Agents Bright (RickJackson) and Hughes (Jaclyn Albergoni) welcome (anime) Ultraman to the stage.

Ultraman Rising gets its name from the massive activation that recently unfolded at Anime Expo 2022, and that’s right—you will get to see highlights from the events that comprised the Hunt for Dada storyline that took place onstage, in panels, and across the expo floor.

Ultraman Rising successfully heralded the arrival of the Ultra Heroes and universe to North America, exposing the franchise to hundreds of thousands of fans live at the convention, with millions more impressions on social media. The TokuSHOUTsu special will be the only venue for seeing this footage for quite some time!

The story of Ultraman Rising has the fearsome Dada and Alien Baltan join forces to use the Los Angeles Convention Center as a launch site for a global takeover. They are hunted by the UCL (Unidentified Capture League) who recruit fans to photograph and triangulate the location of the Kaiju. But the villains thwart our heroes to the very end, at least before the triumphant arrival of a pair of citizens from the M78 Nebula!

And don’t forget, once the Ultraman Rising: The Ultraman Day Special is over, jump over directly to the Ultraman Connection Live: Ultraman Day 2022 featuring Ultraman Decker at 9pm EST for more exclusive Ultraman action!