On November 25th, it was announced at the Opening Ceremony of Tsuburaya Convention 2023 that a 4K remastered series of Ultraman with additional footage, Ultraman 4K Discovery will run from December 1st to December 14th (JST) at the Tsuburaya Film Festival 2023. The festival is being held across multiple cinemas in Japan.

For over half a century, the iconic tokusatsu series Ultraman, has been beloved by many and still continues to be cherished all over the world. Ultraman 4K Discovery involves remastering the original Ultraman series with beautiful and high resolution 4K footage, aiming to rediscover the essence of Ultraman through four themes: Life, Romance, Friendship, and Justice.

The additional footage will have Koji Ishizaka, the narrator of Ultraman, as the navigator who plays the role of a theater manager of a wonderful movie theater where you can watch various tales from around the world. This groundbreaking production unfolds as he, along with a 'mysterious girl,' explores the wonders of Ultraman.

More announcements for Ultraman 4K Discovery will be coming soon.

About Tsuburaya Film Festival 2023

Tsuburaya Film Festival 2023 is an event held in multiple cinemas across Japan where fans can watch series produced by Tsuburaya Productions. Fans will be able to watch special programs such as a Hideaki Anno selective 4K remastered Ultraseven episodes, a special screening of selective episodes of Ultraman Taro, and a documentary revealing the making of Ultraseven.


Part 1 

November 17th ~ 30th, 2023

・Hideaki Anno Selection 4K Ultraseven

Episode 4 “Max, Respond!”

Episode 8 “The Marked Town”

Episode 14 “The Ultra Guard Goes West (Part 1)”

Episode 15 “The Ultra Guard Goes West (Part 2)”

・Documentary Film, Ultraseven Legend

Part 2

December 1st ~ 14th, 2023

Ultraman 4K Discovery: Stories of Life

“Ultra Operation No. 1”

“Shoot the Invader”

“The Monster Graveyard”

“Farewell, Ultraman”

Cast: Koji Ishizaka (as the Theater Manager), Miu Asanuma (as the Mysterious Girl)

・Hideaki Anno Selection Ultraman Taro

Episode 1 “Mother of Ultra is Like the Sun”

Episode 18 “Zoffy Died! Taro Died Too!”

Episode 33 “Five Seconds Before the Great Explosion of the Land of Ultra!”

Episode 34 “The Last Day of the 6 Ultra Brothers”

Important Notice

・Tsuburaya Film Festival 2023 is only available in cinemas in Japan

・The titles of the film, Ultraman 4K Discovery and Stories of Life are subject to change.