Ultraman Connection Collection Brings Beautiful Blazar Toys from Bandai!

Ultraman Connection Collection Brings Beautiful Blazar Toys from Bandai!

The Ultraman Connection Collection Contest is heating up, with only a few weeks to go until its climax at New York Comic Con. To help keep up the excitement, we’re spotlighting some of prizes you can win from the contest if you enter — along with a special password you can use to get some extra entries!

DX Blazar Brace

Travel through the singularity yourself with the Ultraman Blazar DX Blazar Brace! Insert your Blazar Stone to unlock lights and sounds with a unique dynamic light system, and press the button to transform into Ultraman Blazar yourself! Keep pressing the button to hear special voicelines from Gento Hiruma, played by Tomoya Warabino. In addition, inserting other Blazar Stones, like the Ultraman Z Alpha Edge stone included (other stones sold separately) will unlock unique lights and sounds!

DX Earth Garon

Defend Earth (but mostly your room) from the Kaiju threat with the DX Earth Garon figure! Featuring lights and sounds, this posable action figure is in scale with the Ultra Monster Advance series of sofubi (soft vinyl) toys, allowing for fantastic battles! With 20 points of articulation, light-up eyes and “Earth Fire” mouth cannon, and over a dozen sounds and lines from the TV show, the DX Earth Garon is the perfect toy to watch Ultraman Blazar with! In addition, this toy can be upgraded with parts included in future Ultra Monster Advance toys, meaning the fun can continue to grow!

Are you salivating yet? Have you done everything you can to enter to win yet? Remember, you can only win if you’re a member of Ultraman Connection! And to reward you for reading this far, we have a bonus for you! Enter the code “BANDAIBONUS” to gain extra entries to the drawing, increasing your chances to win these awesome Bandai toys and other amazing prizes! Remember, you can enter in a number of ways every day, so go to our contest page to check it out!