Ultraman’s time at Anime Expo this year might have come to an end but we’re only halfway through Ultraman Connection’s 10 Days of Ultraman! With new Ultra content every day this week, we can ensure you get your fill, even amidst the post-convention blues. If you didn’t get a chance to come to AX2022 or pick up any awesome Ultra-gear from the various Ultraman events, panels, and booths, don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place. Check out some of the new merch below!

Classic Ultra Silhouette Tees - $32

There was a time before CGI—and it was glorious—full of heroes and Kaiju played by suit actors. Show others how far back your fan knowledge goes and pay homage to the original 1960s show that started it all. Choose from the original Ultraman silhouette or three different vintage Kaiju!

Available in Ultraman (Red), Baltan (Green), Pigmon (Yellow), and Jirahs (Blue).

Unidentified Capture League Logo Hat - $24

If you’re an Ultraman Connection member, you’re aware of your official affiliation with the Unidentified Capture League, better known to insiders as UCL. Report for duty wearing your official badge, proudly displayed across this military-style cap.

UC Logo Hat - $30

Well, well, well, look who has their very own hat! We know, we know…You’ve grown tired of simply telling others that you’re an Ultraman Connection member and have been yearning for a way to prove it by putting something on your head. Well, the wait is finally over. Go forth, Ultraman Connection member! We wish you shade, comfort, and courage on all your journeys.

Spacium Ray Pose Hoodie - $80

The ancients have awoken to bring you a new take on a classic— the Spacium Ray pose. With the power to fire beams that burn at 500,000 degrees Celsius, this sweatshirt’s built-in technology (30 million years in the making) is guaranteed to keep you, shall we say, cozy? Plus, you’ll show off the Ultraman emblem located on the sleeve whenever you decide it’s time to finish your opponents. 

Ultraman Japanese Logo Hoodie - $75

The right choice for the enlightened purist, this hoodie features the ULTRAMAN OFFICIAL LOGO in both English and Japanese. Complete with a hood for protecting your head from unwanted kaiju attacks, our take on this classic sweatshirt has a comfortable and relaxed fit with just the right amount of weight to keep you cozy without slowing you down from protecting humanity. All of these and more are available in our shop, so grab them while they’re hot. By doing so you will be supporting Ultraman Connection and our future plans! Stay tuned for more Ultra updates here on UltramanConnection.com!