Ultraman Connection Reddit AMA with Jeff Gomez on r/Ultraman

Ultraman Connection Reddit AMA with Jeff Gomez on r/Ultraman

Jeff Gomez, CEO of Starlight Runner Entertainment, producer, and creative supervisor of the Ultraman international franchise will be doing an AMA this Wednesday November 17 from 7:30pm-8:30pm EDT on the r/Ultraman subreddit!

Jeff and his team are currently working with Tsuburaya Productions, Iceberg Theory and The Licensing Group to realize Ultraman Connection, a growing major fan hub for the global Ultraman fan base.

Jeff is known for posting comments in various Ultraman fan groups as well as for being honest, transparent, and protective of all members of the Ultraman audience. He engages with any number of fans on multiple media platforms and is open to discussions about the franchise with a passion that could only be shared by another fan.

Jeff reached out to r/Ultraman with the intention of strengthening the communication between Tsuburaya Productions and their fans. He will be talking about the Ultraman Connection Live series (including the upcoming Dyna and Gaia as well as TsubuCon shows) that presents virtual events and livestreams direct from Tokyo to the rising international fan base.

Jeff will also answer questions about his colorful career in Hollywood working on such blockbuster franchises as Avatar, Spider-Man, and Pirates of the Caribbean. He is interested in listening to suggestions, answering questions, and simply hearing everyone’s opinions on this year’s Ultraman content output.

Stay tuned to Ultraman Connection for your chance to continue participating in the Ultraman Universe you know and love!