Ultraman Day 2023: What Happened

Ultraman Day 2023: What Happened

Ultraman Day was yesterday, July 10th, and it was a BIG one that featured a bevy of articles and an amazing special from our friends at TokuSHOUTsu. The party is extending all this week, leading up to the ULTRAMAN CONNECTION WATCH PARTY: ULTRAMAN BLAZAR Ft. SKaRD! While we wait for that, we’re going to take a quick look at some of the ways July 10th has been celebrated!

The Birth of Ultraman

First shown back on July 10th, 1966, predating even episode 1 of the original Ultraman series, this stage show-turned special was the world’s first appearance of the Giant of Light. Featuring the SSSP and a number of the Kaiju that would become legendary for their battles with Ultraman in the weeks to come, The Birth of Ultraman established Ultraman Day as July 10th, every year!

Ultraman Day Special: Battle Chronicle

Taking place a whopping 57 years later, Shout Factory presented the TokuSHOUTsu channel’s Ultraman Day Special: Battle Chronicle, which excerpted rare stage battle footage from a few of the original Ultraman Connection Live virtual events. In wonderful ways, this special echoed The Birth of Ultraman by bringing a number of Ultras and Kaiju into mortal conflict live from the Tsuburaya Production sound stages in Japan!

Battle Chronicled wove these duels together, as host Mike Dent (unfortunately transfigured into an adorable lil’ Sevenger in Spark Doll Theatre mode) attempted to keep the Ultraman Continuum from collapsing entirely! A great event, featuring several cool fights between the Ultras and a bevy of terrifying threats, it was the perfect climax for a marathon day of pivotal Ultraman episode streaming!

But That’s Not All…

Just because this year’s Ultraman Day has passed doesn’t mean the fun is over! Make sure to come to the Ultraman Official YouTube Channel on July 14th (EST) to watch a special event, ULTRAMAN CONNECTION WATCH PARTY: ULTRAMAN BLAZAR - Featuring SKaRD, spotlighting for the first time, the cast of Ultraman Blazar! Don’t miss it!