Ultraman New Generation Stars episode 11 “Words From the Future” passes the Dimensionizer off to Ultraman Decker and his human host Kanata Asumi, who is urged by a mysterious voice to recall his past for the sake of the Ultra legacy. Kanata is reassured that “the history you’ve built still remains in our future” and is pulled into his memories to reflect on some of the alliances and battle methods that have helped him and other Ultras prevail in demanding situations. 

First Kanata reflects on the origin of his relationship with Ultraman Decker himself, the first time the two ever fused. Spheresaurus, the Dynamic Fusion Monster, is wreaking havoc with his violent and erratic energy orbs and Kanata finds himself undisciplined, panicked, and shooting at the threat haphazardly. It is only when Ultraman Decker presents him with the Ultra D Flasher and cards that Kanata centers himself and becomes more conscious of himself and his duty to protect the rest of humanity. 

With the newfound precision and confidence of an Ultra, Kanata can use Decker’s power to defeat Spheresaurus, exemplifying the potential of power that had been sent back from the future. Through exploring this memory, Kanata begins to understand what it means to reap the benefits of a nonlinear understanding of time and appreciate the importance of preserving the legacy of the Ultras to inspire the new generation. 

Kanata also brings attention to the importance of the Mons Dimension Cards as a battle tool. He acknowledges that his fusion with Ultraman Decker took him far, but once the Sphere merged with the brutal Red King, Kanata had to channel Miclas, Agira, and Windom to defeat the hybrid. At first it might seem unconventional to use Kaiju powers to defeat Kaiju, but Kanata comes to realize that understanding how his antagonists function and counters them with a strategy that can be just as beneficial, if not more, than using brute force. 


This awareness activates the Dimensionizer and connects Kanata to the network of Ultras collective consciousness. Kanata receives a memory from Haruki Natsukawa (Ultraman Z) in which he battles the space pirate, Alien Barossa II who came to earth to seek vengeance against Z, the perpetrator of his brother’s death. In this battle, the importance of strategy is revisited. Strategy can take the form of channeling monsters, but it can also take the form of channeling the power of fellow Ultras and Special Airborne Armors. It is only when Haruki channels Ultraman Zero, Ultraseven, Ultraman Leo, and STORAGE’s Special Airborne Armor Windom that they are able to defeat Alien Barossa II for good. 

Kanata also receives the memory of Ultraman X’s battle with King Joe in which his human host, Daichi, channels the Cyber Zetton Blazing Shell. Upon witnessing the use of this tool, Kanata muses, “Wow! This Ultraman fights by donning armor! There really are a lot of ways to fight.” 

And the many ways to fight continue to unfold as Cyber Gomora joins the confrontation, holding King Joe off until Daichi channels Ultraman Max using the card we saw him receive for the first time earlier in the season. 

It's satisfying to be at a point in the series where we’re starting to see callbacks to moments and relationships that have been established earlier on. We get to experience Ultras’ memories through their own perspectives and through the perspectives of other Ultras, giving us access to a deeper appreciation for all the various methods Ultras and humans use to persevere, whether that’s utilizing the power of the Ultra-human bond, strategizing against a threat, calling onto helpful peers, or exploring many different approaches at once. 

It's especially interesting getting to know the different Ultras’ attitudes when it comes to looking back on their memories. Where Ultraman Z would get distracted, or Ultraman Zero would feel he was mulling over the past too much, Kanata was eager to better understand his connection with Decker and all the methods Ultras use to diffuse conflict. This distinction of personality and engagement level continues to broaden our understanding of the Ultras individual philosophies and their relationships with Kaiju, humanity, and each other. 

Ultimately Kanata is mobilized by the sentiment that he has grown stronger through his bonds with other Ultras and that the feeling of growing stronger because of mutual support is universal amongst all Ultras. We’ll see where that takes us next week with Decker, Dyna, and Trigger! Don’t forget to check out the Ultraman New Generation Stars series, available now for free on YouTube on the Ultraman Official channel and stay tuned for more updates here on UltramanConnection.com!