Ultraman New Generation Stars Episode 15 Review: “Connections are Circular”

Ultraman New Generation Stars Episode 15 Review: “Connections are Circular”

Ultraman New Generation Stars episode 15 “Connections are Circular” gives us a look through the eyes of Ultraman Orb after he receives a Dimensionizer and a call to action from his longtime ally, Ultraman Zero. In an effort to activate the device, Orb reminisces on the bonds that have aided him through tumultuous battles, which have been drawn from several different stories. 

Ultraman Orb begins tapping into his gratitude for companionship by recalling the time he joined Zero in his battle with Juda Spectre, the Phantom Space Emperor, and Mecha Gomora, while pursuing the evil energy that allowed the monster Demaaga to wreak havoc on Earth. It quickly became clear that the energy in question was emanating from the Ghost Sorcerer Reibatos, the Rayonix necromancer. 

The two tried to fend off the hoard of Kaiju that continued to spawn out of Reibatos’s command, but the endless ranks of the army were overwhelming, thanks to Reibatos’s use of Reionics powers, which could resurrect and control monsters of all shapes and sizes. With appearances from Vict Lugiel, King Joe, Birdon, Hyper Zetton, Twin Tail, and Gudon, this battle was like the second coming of Ultraman Belial himself! 

With brute force falling short and the swarm of Kaiju only increasing in size, Ultraman Orb decided to attack Reibatos directly and stop the madness at the source, while Ultraman Zero continued to fend off the multiplying Kaiju. He wouldn’t have been able to take them, however, without the help of his father, Ultraseven, arriving in the nick of time, as well as Ultraman Jack! 

Meanwhile, Orb followed Reibatos through an escape portal and attempted to beat him once and for all, but Reibatos bested him and escaped in pursuit of the Giga Battle Nizer once held by Ultraman Belial, to resurrect the souls of lost Kaiju and continue his plan for galactic domination. Zero and Seven refused to let this happen, but had to admit that Orb wasn’t conditioned enough to fight alongside them yet. 

However, instead of leaving their weakest link behind, Zero and Seven took Orb into the Shining Field, a dimensional pocket that allows for time to be taken without being spent in the outside world. They spent ten dimensional years (aka, a few Earth minutes) training Orb until finally he absorbs their powers. 

Ultraman Jack, Ultraseven, Zero and the newly trained Orb battled it out with Tyrant the Despot monster and Reibatos, this time with immaculate coordination. This amazing sequence illustrates the practicality of bonding with those close to us and taking advice from our predecessors. Strengthening our connections isn’t just good for the heart, it also sharpens our ability to navigate complex life events. If our support networks are strong and compatible, if we are constantly listening to those around us, we will be more coordinated and prepared in the face of adversity. 

Using the strength he was lent and the techniques he was taught by his fellow Ultras, Ultraman Orb defeated Reibatos with the Emerium Slugger form derived from Zero and Seven, but not before Reibatos uttered a hauntingly true sentence: Darkness will never fade as long as light exists. 

The Ultras will always be forced to protect and fight. Their lives will always be on the line. Chaos is intrinsic to the nature of the universe and as Warriors of Light, harnessing chaos is the Ultras’ eternal destiny. The Ultras are given purpose by their enemies and even though they always prevail, that truth is the ultimate hero’s burden. 

Time and time again, however, the Ultras refuse to let that burden stand in the way of their performance because in the end, they have each other. Orb slips into another recollection, this time centering Ultraman X, Ultraman Ginga, and Ultraman Victory who had been turned into jewels for Space Witch Murnau’s collection. Orb refuses to lose faith in their ability to break free and the power of his faith breaks the curse and allows them to escape her spell, transform into Orb Trinity and fight as a team. 

They take down all but Sadis the Alien Gapiya who takes Orb to the ground. As he lays hopeless, Color Timer blinking red, Dan Moroboshi appears and shares a moment of vulnerability with Orb, reminding him to maintain his faith with no more than an understanding look. He then assumes Ultraseven form and lends Orb the power to prevail. 

It is often believed that our individual capabilities determine our strength, but this episode serves as a great reminder that true strength is in the way we connect with others. If we are dedicated, faithful, loyal, and receptive, we honor ourselves and everyone around us with every action. 

“I am a galactic warrior, but it’s not like I fought alone. The connections I’ve made up to now have all become my strength.” – Ultraman Orb 

Of course, this is all assuming we’re using our powers for good… As the episode comes to a close, Orb successfully activates the Dimensionizer with the realization that he is who he is as a result of his community. His goodness, however, is questioned by Orb’s old ally, foe, and everything in between, Jugglus Juggler, when he suspiciously ponders whether Orb is “the light of hope or could he be infinite darkness.”

I think we’re all eager to see where this goes, but until next week be sure to check out Ultraman New Generation Stars on the Ultraman Official YouTube Channel and stay tuned for more here on UltramanConnection.com!