ULTRAMAN Season 2: What Happened?

ULTRAMAN Season 2: What Happened?

Last week, we at Ultraman Connection discussed the events of the first season of Netflix’s critically acclaimed ULTRAMAN anime, in order to prepare for its upcoming Final Season. Today, we’ll be discussing the events of Season 2, featuring a massive alien conspiracy, new heroes, and the inexorable movement towards the earth-shattering events of ULTRAMAN: FINAL Season.

The season starts — and centers around — a new hero, Kotaro Higashi. Kotaro is a Japanese photographer and journalist who returns from a mass disappearance event in New York, to his partner Izumi. At that moment, Shinjiro Hayata, the new Ultraman, is battling alien invaders only to be caught in a similar incident to New York, disappearing alongside a crowd of people in the middle of Shinjuku. With Earth’s greatest hero now gone, Kotaro and Izumi attempt to find the truth of the mysterious occurrence.

Unfortunately, as the two come across the aliens responsible for the disappearances, they are captured themselves. Izumi is vaporized by the energy beam that disappeared the kidnapped people, and when Kotaro is struck by the same beam, his body is infused with exotic energies, empowering him uncontrollably!

Escaping and half-crazed from the power coursing through him, Kotaro is found by Jack, a mysterious fighter who first appeared in the first season for a short time. Jack has obtained a hulking Ultraman Suit of his own, as well as a second experimental one. Fighting and barely able to hold back Kotaro in his berserk state, Jack puts him in the second suit, allowing him to vent the energy within him and regain control of himself.

Kotaro, possessing a righteous heart and having dreams of heroism, declares himself “Ultraman Taro” and works to solve the mystery of the disappearances.

Meanwhile, Dan Moroboshi and Seiji Hokuto, the other two Ultraman Suit wielders who fought alongside Shinjiro, continue their hunt for their ally, uncovering his capture by the energy-consuming Alien Wadoran, who themselves are pawns of the evil Star of Darkness Syndicate, and its leader, Pedant.

The destinies of the five Ultras converge when Pedant himself appears to humanity and demands their unconditional surrender of half of Earth within the next 24 hours, or the destruction of human society by his warship, the Golden Fortress.

Shinjiro is freed from his capture by the Star of Darkness by Seiji and the Wadoran princess, Maya, at the cost of Maya’s life. Now assembled, the Ultraman Suit Wielders come together to destroy the Golden Fortress, before being joined by one more hero — Shin Hayata, Shinjiro’s father and the original host of Ultraman, now wearing a special suit of his own.

Together, the Six Ultra Brothers stand against the Star of Darkness… But how does it end? What is the state of Earth before ULTRAMAN: FINAL Season? The only way to find out is to check out Season 2 for yourself, and to catch the Final Season itself when it airs on Netflix on Wednesday, May 11th. And for more information on EVERY season of ULTRAMAN, stay close to Ultraman Connection.