Not all of the monsters in Ultraman are diabolical creatures bent on death and destruction, nor are they all mindless beasts. Every so often in the Ultraman Series, a kaiju comes along who just wants to chill—or even help defend and protect humanity. Here are six of the most well-known friendly kaiju from throughout the Ultraman franchise.


Alboom-Tigris appeared in Ultraman Gaia, Episode 38 (“Ground-Breaking Tusks”) as a monster that habited underground. It was the target of the Earth Piercing Bomb, even though the monster had not inflicted any harm to humanity. The Tigris would succumb to wounds during the ensuing conflict, but two more incarnations of this Kaiju would return to defend the Earth from alien invaders.


Unlike most aliens encountered by Ultra Heroes, Alien Fanton cared little for fighting and destruction. Instead, his priorities were of the gluttonous variety. Fanton was first encountered in Ultraman Mebius, Episode 7 (“Fanton’s Lost Item”): he would go on to eat all of GUYS food, though he returned the favor by giving them critical information. He would also help in the battle against Alien Empera, though not through physical intervention, of course. Individual Fantons would appear in Ultraman X (as Dr. Gourman, who worked with XIO’s research and development lab) and Ultraman Taiga, aiding humanity in both cases.


Although his appearance was brief, the adorable space dog who is also Taro’s fluffy friend leapt onto the screen and into our hearts in Ultraman Taro, Episode 24 (“This Is the Land of Ultra!”). The monster showed audiences that the residents of the Land of Light kept dog-like creatures as pets. As for cats, well, the jury is still out…


Ron was separated from Ultraman Leo after the insidious Alien Magma destroyed that hero’s homeworld of Planet L77. Being forced to wander through space, Ron grew both in size and fury. Luckily, the only thing that proved to be more powerful than Ron’s temper was his connection to Ultraman Leo. The two were reunited in Ultraman Leo, Episode 10 (“The Monster that Wanders in Sorrow “).


The ancient companion to the giant who would become Evil Tiga, Guardie first appeared in Ultraman Tiga, Episode 44 (“Inheritance of Shadow”). After awakening in the present day to find his companion merged with an evil entity, Guardie did what any good friend would do and fought to free his tainted ally. Sadly, Guardie died at the hands of its former friend, but he was honored by Tiga, who flew the fallen giant to space.


And the top spot goes to…Pigmon! Not only is this Kaiju Ultraman’s oldest non-human ally—appearing all the way back in Ultraman, Episode 8 (“The Monster Anarchy Zone”)—but it has proven itself time and time again by returning to help, even sacrificing its life to save Ultraman and its allies. To Pigmon, we say, “thank you!” May it continue to live (and die) for the good people of Earth.