Whatever Happened to Sevenger?

Whatever Happened to Sevenger?

Ultraman Z is remembered as one of the most beloved entries in the New Generation era of the Ultraman Series, and a core factor in the show’s popularity was the return of the plucky robot, Sevenger. Despite slowly becoming obsolete over the course of the show, Sevenger returned by the time of the final battle in order to help save humanity from the designs of the malevolent alien Celebro. Years have passed since that battle, but Sevenger has not returned to mothballs — let’s see what’s become of the Special Aircraft since then!

As the threat to Earth by Celebro and his Civilization Self-Destruction Game came to an end, the eyes of STORAGE, the team that created Sevenger, turned to the stars. Sevenger was a well-designed and dependable robot, but it was stuck on the ground — In one or two occasions, it had been retrofitted to operate underwater, but that was it.

To take Sevenger to the next level, scientists and engineers like Yuka Ohta and Kojiro Inaba formulated a new design, known simply as Space Sevenger. Using the alien-adapted King Joe Storage Custom as inspiration, the terrestrial machine was given not only new materials to adapt it to space, not only new weapons like a drill arm and taser baton, but even new warp capabilities to allow it to operate on a galactic scale. To solve the robot’s biggest issue during the events of Z, its operation time, Space Sevenger was equipped with a new, highly experimental battery that grants comparatively unlimited power for long-term missions.

Fans of Ultraman Z were able to see the earliest battles of Space Sevenger in a few special episodes of Sevenger Fight aired only in Japan, but the first time the variant showed up on screens around the world was in Ultraman Trigger: New Generation Tiga, where the forces of STORAGE pursued the stolen King Joe STORAGE Custom before it escaped across dimensions into the world of Trigger.

Cut to the modern era, where brilliant scientist Yuka Ohta, seeing the continued potential of Sevenger, seeks to continue upgrading the beloved machine. To do so, she is consulting the stories of the New Generation Heroes — and you can see her process now, in the new season of New Generation Stars! Check it out every week on Youtube! And for more about Sevenger, Ultraman Z, and the whole Ultraman Series, stay close to Ultraman Connection!