Who is Ultraman Leo?

Who is Ultraman Leo?

Ultraman Regulos is almost here! In honor of the survivor of D60, the master of the Red Dragon and White Tiger Fist, Ultraman Connection is taking a look at some of the characters within this martial hero’s orbit. To start, we’ll be taking a look at his most famous friend and fellow martial artist, Ultraman Leo!

Leo is — was — the prince of L77, a beautiful planet that was utterly annihilated by the Alien Magma, who, along with the kaiju known as the Giras Brothers, who sought to destroy what they could not enslave. Leo wandered the stars, looking for a place to call home, and perhaps more importantly, looking for the Magma who ended his world. Eventually, he found Earth.

Leo found Magma and the Giras Brothers on Earth, having just beaten and broken the leg of Ultraseven, and leapt in to even the playing field. Driving back the alien threats, Leo, returning to his human alter-ego, Gen Otori, introduced himself to Seven’s alter-ego Dan Moroboshi. Unfortunately, Leo had been just a hair too late — due to the injuries suffered during the battle, and the damage to the Ultra Eye, Dan could no longer transform into Seven.

Impressed by Leo’s strength, however, Dan requested that Gen join MAC, Earth’s latest defense team, to protect the Earth alongside him, and, as Leo, in his stead as the planet’s giant protector.

Leo’s time as Earth’s defender was one marred by tragedy after tragedy. The aliens and monsters he fought seemed more bloodthirsty than those fought by previous Ultras, and the costs of victory were ever-higher. At one point, the entirety of MAC was lost, annihilated by the saucer monster Silverbloome. Leo was forced to defend the planet alone.

And yet, despite tragedy being such a defining element of his life, Leo never gave up, and kept fighting. Moments of joy punctuated his struggles, like the discovery that his brother Astra was alive, or becoming one of the Ultra Brothers.

Since his battle on Earth ended, Leo has lived a relatively ascetic lifestyle with Astra, though he is renowned as one of the greatest teachers in the Land of Light, having taught the likes of Ultraman Mebius and Ultraman Zero.

And as Ultra Galaxy Fight: The Destined Crossroad has shown, Leo had a friend from across the stars from his life on L77 — Ultraman Regulos. What was their relationship like? Perhaps the first episode of Ultraman Regulos, coming May 23rd, will answer that question. You can find out for yourself on that day, right here in the Exclusive Videos section of Ultraman Connection.