Why YOU Must Check Out Ultraman Decker Finale: Journey to Beyond

Why YOU Must Check Out Ultraman Decker Finale: Journey to Beyond

It’s been almost a month now since Kanata Asumi’s story — and the story of a world that began with Ultraman Trigger: New Generation Tiga — finally came to an end with Ultraman Decker Finale: Journey to Beyond. Exclusively available worldwide as a rental right here on Ultraman Connection, there are countless reasons to check out this larger-than-life adventure; and here are just a few!

The Aliens are Coming!

Led by the evil Professor Gibellus, the latest threat to Earth in Journey to Beyond comes in the form of a veritable army of classic aliens, including Alien Godola, Alien Shaplay, and an Alien Pedan, the latter of which brought his own classic weapon, the Space Robot King Joe! Of course, the main event is Gibellus himself, an Alien Zozogiga capable of shapeshifting into the horrifying Galactic Empire Beast, Gigalogaiser!

Meet Dinas!

Though the threat of Gibellus’s forces are truly intimidating, the situation isn’t hopeless for Kanata and GUTS-Select. Though Ultraman Decker’s power has left, a new giant has arrived to protect the Earth from invasion. Dinas, aka Ultraman Dinas, is a mysterious Ultra with a connection to the now-departed Decker. But… Decker is from the future, isn’t he? How can there be someone with a tie to him in the present…? Quite a conundrum, isn’t it? If you want the answers, they’ll only come from watching the movie!

Heroes Return

The movie takes place a year after the end of the Sphere Invasion, and so viewers get a chance to take a look at the path that the members of GUTS-Select have taken since saving the Earth. Ryumon is on track to become the new captain of GUTS-Select as Murahoshi prepares to move on from the role. Ichika is preparing to become the space development pilot she’s always dreamed of being. Kanata? Well, he’s still trying to figure things out, but Kanata wouldn’t be Kanata if his future was set in stone. They’re not the only ones returning, however… Who else? You’ll have to watch the movie to find out!

Coming soon: We will be breaking down all of the classic and new Kaiju from the film, and taking a closer look at the unusual configuration of the humanoid woman Dinas and the male Ultraman Dinas. 

Ultraman Decker Finale: Journey to Beyond is available now via TVOD on Ultraman Connection. And if you want to see all two years of amazing television that led up to it, Ultraman Trigger: New Generation Tiga, Ultraman Trigger: Episode Z, and Ultraman Decker are all available on UC as well! Be sure to check it all out! And for more Ultraman news and secrets, stay close to Ultraman Connection!