Episode 7 of Ultraman Decker sends fans back to the end of 2021 with the reappearance of Raiga Terasaka as Kengo Manaka, better known as Ultraman Trigger, in the clash against the Sphere Invasion! However, he’s not the only one returning, it seems, and an apocalyptic enemy from the past has been revived by the sinister aliens. Are you still with me, Ultraman fans? If not, let’s take a moment and look back at Ultraman Trigger: New Generation Tiga, and why you might want to take a second look at the series!

(Of course, that’s easy to do since the entire series is available commercial free in the Exclusive Videos section of Ultarman Connection. To access it all you have to do is join us, and registration is free!) 

The Incarnation of Light… But Also, Human!

A primary concept explored in Trigger worth a second look is the exploration of the nature of Ultraman Trigger himself, a power tied by destiny to Kengo Manaka. The truth of this ancient giant is winding, circuitous, and may require a few rewatches to fully connect with the tremendous timeline that Trigger operates on. This is in sharp contrast (right now, at least) to the ambiguous nature of Ultraman Decker, with the successor series having revealed almost nothing about the nature of the giant whose form Kanata Asumi takes. And yet, there does seem to be some kind of link, right?

The Universe’s Greatest Treasure Hunter!

One of the most beloved aspects of Trigger is the performance of veteran actor Kei Hosogai as the alien “treasure hunter” Ignis, who wields the power of the mysterious Trigger Dark! Friend? Enemy? Who knows with Ignis, and that’s just how he—and the fans—like it! There’s no word as to whether Ignis will be returning in Decker’s crossover with its predecessor, but frankly, he’s good enough to go back and watch anyway!

The Return of the Dark Giants?!

The trailer for Episode 7 showed the return of a Kaiju that once spelled the end of humanity returning, in the form of Megalothor. Megalothor was the mutated, twisted form of Carmearra, the leader of the Dark Giants, Trigger’s nemeses. They sought to take the power of the mysterious Eternity Core for themselves. To find out more about this upcoming threat, you’ll have to go back and see how we got here!

And It Ends in Decker!

Perhaps most importantly, though Ultraman Decker has done a great job of establishing itself as a standalone tale, it is still a sequel to Ultraman Trigger. Every story in the earlier series helps build the foundation that Decker continues to grow atop. From the development of key story elements that have carried through, like the creation of the Nursedessei that GUTS-Select uses even ten years later, or specific stories that help expand the world, like the tragic tale of Darrgon, the Dark Giant redeemed through love and honor. Of course, it all culminates in Ultraman Trigger: Episode Z—which in turn forms a bridge between the two series—ending the story of the Ancient Giant Trigger and opening the door to the future that we are enjoying today, in Ultraman Decker!

It’s great to see Kengo back, and though the Sphere invasion remains dire, the two Ultras together promise action like little else! To make sure you have the best time, check out Ultraman Trigger: New Generation Tiga on Ultraman Connection now, ad-free with subtitles in multiple languages!