Ultraman Connection Live - Sevenger Fight will take place on June 3rd at 9 PM EDT on event.ultramanconnection.comIf you’ve purchased a ticket with an exclusive Sevenger Fight pin, you’ll follow these steps to use your access code:

  1. Create an account at
  2. After creating an account, you will click the “Enter Code” button below the purchase button and enter your access code.
  3. If you’ve purchased a ticket directly through Simply log back into your account and you’ll be set!

If you purchase a pin+ticket on the day of the event (JUNE 3rd) be sure to email us here immediately and request your access code. We will need to send you a code and you will need to setup an account on the events page. 

If you purchase a digital ticket on the event site and you will want to shop the merch store, you will need to email us here and let us know so we can ensure you are able to login to the store.