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Ultraman Connection Live:

Ultraman OfficIal Youtube Special!

Featuring S.H. Figuarts

year agUltra Galaxy Fight: The Absolute Conspiracy was released to celebrate the Ultraman Official YouTube channel reaching the 1 million subscriber mark. This time, we’re celebrating as we approach the 2 million subscriber mark with a free event and free streams of Ultra Galaxy Fight: New Generation Heroes – The Director’s Cut and (for the very first time anywhere in the world) Ultra Galaxy Fight 2: The Absolute Conspiracy – The Director’s Cut. This event is one that you won’t want to miss as we bring the fight between the Absolutians and their leader Absolute Tartarus and the Ultras to a live event

Come Celebrate with us on September 24th at 9 p.m. EDT, here on Ultramanconnection.com!

Celebrate as we approach 2 million subscribers on YouTube! Don’t miss this free event!


  • A special unveiling of a brand new toy from S.H. Figuarts!
  • Q&A with some of the cast of Ultra Galaxy Fight 1 and 2 and director Koichi Sakamoto, hosted by Sean Nichols of Ultraman Max!
  • Guests include Arisa Sonohara (Asahi Minato/ Ultrawoman Grigio (voice)), Takuma Terashima (Ultraman Taiga (voice)), and Tatsuomi Hamada (Riku Asakura/Ultraman Geed (voice)).
  • MAJOR story and character reveals!
  • Featuring special guest band: Voyager! - performers of various songs from Ultraman Series.

After the show, stream Ultra Galaxy Fight 2: The Absolute Conspiracy - The Director’s Cut for the first time ever! Exclusively on Ultramanconnection.com!

Plus, stream Ultra Galaxy Fight: New Generation Heroes - The Director’s Cut!All free on Ultramanconnection.com!

Tatsuomi Hamada
Takuma Terashima
Arisa Sonohara
Koichi Sakamoto
Sean Nichols

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