And the Creepiest Kaiju Is…!

And the Creepiest Kaiju Is…!

Halloween is right on the horizon, and just in time, the votes for Ultraman Connection’s Creepiest Kaiju have come in and been tabulated! It was a close contest, but one solitary creature stood — well, loomed — above the others.


The Creepiest Kaiju is… GREEZA!


Come back tomorrow to find out more about a Kaiju so terrifying, so harrowing, that it beat out some of the gnarliest beasts in the Ultraman Series.


Second place, who will be covered on November 2nd, the Day of the Dead, is fittingly the zombie Kaiju SEALIZAR!

Thanks so much for voting, and make sure to stick close to Ultraman Connection to help make your voice heard across the Ultraman Continuum!