Greeza: Nothing is Scarier

Greeza: Nothing is Scarier

What is your greatest fear?

Everybody has something that fills them with terror. A phobia developed from some experience, or a story, or simply a consequence of the culture we grow up in. American president Franklin Delano Roosevelt once coined the phrase, “There is nothing to fear but fear itself,” but that simply isn’t true. There are infinite things to fear, and the great human struggle is against a life filled with things we dread.

This Halloween weekend, Ultraman Connection reached out to the community, to determine once and for all what the creepiest Kaiju was. The winner, to be discussed today, took the crown by a comparatively significant margin — Greeza isn’t just creepy, but one of the scariest Kaiju to ever come out of the Ultraman Series. Let’s discuss why.

The first time audiences were introduced to Greeza was in 2014’s Ultraman X, as a mysterious purple orb of energy that dove with Ultraman X into the sun, reducing him to data, and causing the mysterious Ultra Flare phenomenon to affect the Earth, animating Spark Dolls and causing chaos for over a decade. As Greeza slowly recuperated, more signs of its power began to emanate, including Dark Thunder Energy, a sinister power that strengthened Kaiju while driving them berserk.

Eventually, Greeza recovered enough to re-emerge and resume its voyage to Earth, where humanity finally learned the true nature of the threat that had scourged them for so long — that is, nothing at all. 

Greeza is, at its core, a void. An animate wound in reality where nothing exists. It does not move like a living thing because it is not one, and its endless, ravenous hunger for life is not the appetite of a predator, but a ceaseless cosmic vacuum, forever seeking to be whole, and thus, cease to be.

Greeza’s movements are swinging and unnatural, bending at odd angles and leaving shambling afterimages as even light fails to escape its event horizon completely. Its “cry” sounds more like the laughter of a madman, mocking any who seek to understand it. It cannot be killed, because it never lived.

When Ultraman X fought to defend Earth from having all life drained away by Greeza’s touch, he could do nothing, strike no permanent blows, and was defeated in short order. It was only due to the mysterious Xlugger artifact’s mystical powers warping Greeza to bring it into material reality that it could eventually be struck down upon the second round — a battle in which X channeled the power of thousands of Kaiju in the Hybrid Armor to finally defeat it.

Another Greeza appeared several years later, shedding a bit of light on how such an aberration could exist at all. This Greeza was created after the destruction of the cosmic anomaly known as Bullton, acknowledged to be a wound in space itself. Just as unstoppable as the previous Greeza, this one even managed to consume and absorb Ultraman Geed! Ultraman Z was able to defeat it only with the creation of another legendary weapon, Beliarok, a sentient blade capable of acting as a “needle” to sew Greeza’s existence back shut and rid the cosmos of its endless hunger.

This halloween, Ultraman Connection hopes for all of you to have a fun time trick-or-treating and spending time with others. Come back on November 2nd to learn more about our second-place winner for Creepiest Kaiju, Sealizar. Until then, however, make sure you’re doing something fun… because nothing is scarier.