Ultraman Day Special — The Ultraman Card Game is Here!

Ultraman Day Special — The Ultraman Card Game is Here!

It’s Ultraman Day here in the west, and though the party started yesterday for Japan, we’ve got a lot to celebrate over here! And perhaps out of everything worth celebrating, the biggest is a major update on the Ultraman Card Game!

First, let’s check out this trailer!

Wasn’t that super cool? Let’s go over what we know.

On Friday, October 25th, the first two starter decks for the Ultraman Card Game, Heroes of Hyper Space and The Bonds of Zero, will go up for sale! These two decks, focusing on the legendary “TDG” trilogy and the New Generation Heroes respectively, will be your first chance to own this exciting new card game!

Just a bit later, in early November, the first Booster Pack, Guardians of Earth, will go on sale, giving players a chance to augment the starter decks, as well as play with new heroes like Ultraman Blazar and Ultraman Arc!

That release date — October 25th — will be the same for 15 countries around the world, giving players everywhere a chance to start at the same time and sharpen their skills… which is important, considering there will be fantastic organized play that will culminate in the world championships in Japan in 2026!

If you want to find out more about the game — how to play, product details, and previews — check out the official site! And for more news on the Ultraman Card Game as it comes out, stay close to Ultraman Connection!