Fans React to Ultraman Blazar Before the Finale

Fans React to Ultraman Blazar Before the Finale

With Ultraman Blazar approaching its climax, we’ve decided to honor the series as a whole by dedicating this edition of ‘Fans React’ to the entire show. For the past seven months, the internet has been engaged in an energetic, nonstop-fun conversation about SKaRD, Blazar, and the various Kaiju featured in the series. We wanted to showcase some of your overall thoughts on the series and highlight the appreciation you all have that keeps the show going every week!

For many of us, Blazar has been our first time engaging in weekly viewing parties for an Ultra series in a very long time. Part of the fun of watching it is getting to watch it all together.

So much so, in fact, that some people choose the Blazar watch-parties over their real lives!

For others, watching Ultraman live was a luxury not experienced since childhood. Now with streaming services dropping series all at once, serialized television comes fewer and further between, but there’s nothing quite like getting hyped for a new episode to break every week.

Fans have gone crazy for Kaiju reveals. I think it’s fair to say Ultraman Blazar is responsible for a whole new wave of fan favorites.

The attention to detail from creators never goes underappreciated by fans. Blazar enjoyers are a particularly perceptive bunch!

Blazar’s many tricks up his sleeve never got old, and only added to the whimsy and mystery of the character, leaving everyone wondering what his lore is more and more with each episode.

The series’ unique attention to each character’s plot lines and personal growth let us grow with them as the months have gone on. By this point everyone feels like they’re part of the SKaRD family.

Some put it in few.

But at the end of the day, we all have gained a lot from this epic series and everyone is at the edge of their seats for one last time, waiting to see how it all ties together. Tune in with us for the first part of the final battle of Ultraman Blazar tomorrow at 8pm EST and stay tuned for more here on Ultraman Connection!