Ultraman Blazar Special Episode Review “Pag’s Ultra Lecture”

Ultraman Blazar Special Episode Review “Pag’s Ultra Lecture”

Hello and welcome, Ultraman Connection readers! A new year may be starting, but Ultraman Blazar is quickly nearing its end! I don’t know about you, but I’m going to find it hard to say good-bye to this show, even with an upcoming movie to look forward to. Later this week, we’ll launch into the penultimate episode of Blazar, but for now the show has given us another “Special Episode” to recap and review the events of the series.

Once again, that recap is brought to us thanks to the “Perfect Analyze Gadget”, also known as “Pag”, and his two cybernetic-encoded Kaiju pals, Gedos and Mogusion. I really have a soft spot for these cute mascot characters, but their recap also comes at the perfect moment, right before we hit the final two episodes. So sit back, relax, and read on to get ready for episode 24, airing this Friday!

There are still many mysteries around the events of Blazar, not the least of which is the actual origin of the titular Giant of Light! Pag doesn’t know anything about where Blazar comes from, but we definitely know how he arrived on Earth, and how he first met Captain Gento Hiruma. 

Even after witnessing the moment that Gento reached out to Blazar, however, there’s still lots of mysteries around his appearance in the midst of that tragic accident at Test Facility 66. Why was Blazar trapped by the explosion caused by the accident? What happened to the scientists who went missing? And why was the fiery dragon Kaiju, Firdran, left behind in that facility until Emi Aobe freed it later on? I have the feeling that these secrets will prove to be important for the show’s finale, but we can only speculate about them right now.

Speaking of secrets, there’s a lot of them being kept by the GGF’s upper brass – and especially by its former director, Yu Dobashi. He seems to want these secrets to stay buried, and has threatened both Gento and Emi over the course of their investigation into these events from three years ago. It’s clear the GGF knows something about the origin of the “Space Kaiju” and the reasons why they’re arriving on Earth, but they aren’t exactly cooperative when it comes to sharing that knowledge with the SKaRD team. 

All the team knows, along with the audience – and yours truly, here at Ultraman Connection – is that they’re connected with “V99”, aliens who visited in the year 1999 and left behind the wormhole device that Professor Aobe and others studied. Are the mysterious “V99” aliens sending the Space Kaiju, or is there a different connection between them? Once again, this question will probably lead to the climactic finale of the show in due time. Until then, we can only guess. 

It certainly is hard to wait for answers though, when the “Third Wave” of Space Kaiju has already arrived on the Moon! Pag doesn’t even have any data on it, and he seems to know everything else about the various Ultra heroes and Kaiju across the entire franchise! On top of its intimidating appearance (which reminds me strangely of giant tube worms in a hydrothermal vent…) it has arrived at the worst possible time, when Gento is already fighting past his body’s limits. 

The more pressing question may not be where  Varallon came from, but where Gento, Blazar, and the SKaRD team will find the strength they need to defeat it, and stop further waves from attacking the Earth!

The long-awaited answers to these questions and more will arrive in episode 24, “The Approaching Third Wave”, which you can catch right here at Ultraman Connection and on YouTube! Stay tuned, readers, and keep following Ultraman Connection for all the news you need to prepare for the final episodes!