America is welcoming Ultraman with open arms as Ultraman: Rising sweeps through the homes of families around the country. The Netflix film is being met with a myriad of fan art, video edits, and praise and we could not be more excited for what this means for the future of Ultraman here in the West.

Fans, new and old, are thoroughly enjoying the unique, vibrant, animation style.

Fans, new and old, are also THOROUGHLY enjoying Ken Sato. I mean, really,  who could resist that Toshiro Mifune hair and cocky grin?

Even director Shanon Tindle is defending Ken Sato as hottest dad of the year!

But of course, we all know who the real star of the show is…

It's serious.

Ultraseven fans are clocking the cinematic parallels and showing great love to the tasteful fan service in the film’s Easter eggs. Homages have been rightfully paid.

For first-timers, this film is an insane visual delicacy and for the real OGs, everything feels like a wink and a nod.

The cinematic parallels don’t stop at callbacks to the original series though.

And what better vehicle for expressing dad-love?

I mean… come on. Adorable.

Ultraman: Rising is taking our beloved hero from a familiar face to icon status here in the states and the people are ready for it. In fact, all creatures are ready for it!

Join the fun and check out Ultraman: Rising on Netflix now and stay tuned here on Ultraman Connection for more!