What are the Critics saying about Ultraman: Rising?

What are the Critics saying about Ultraman: Rising?

Ultraman: Rising has been out for a week, and the response from the fanbase has been incredible! However, more than just Ultraman fans are hailing the movie as a triumph. We gathered some of the best reviews from the overwhelmingly positive pack on Rotten Tomatoes to get a better sense of what the critical world thinks of Ken Sato’s adventures in parenthood!

Jordan Mintzer of the Hollywood Reporter had plenty to say earlier this week, talking about Rising’s skill at introducing first time fans, young and old, to the venerable 57-year-old series without overloading them with information.

“For kids who have never seen any of the above-referenced movies or shows, [Ultraman: Rising] may be something of a revelation, and the team behind the relaunch deserves credit for giving the half-century-old franchise a new stamp.”

Meanwhile, the movie received the Polygon Recommends stamp from Toussant Egan, indicating that it was a movie they wholeheartedly endorse!

Ultraman: Rising offers much more than the average animated kids’ film: It rises to stand as not only one of the best Ultraman stories in recent memory, but arguably one of this year’s best animated movies.”

Finally, Rafael Motamayor of The Wrap gave the movie some of the kindest words we could imagine!

““Ultraman: Rising” is a contender for best animated movie of the year, one of the best superhero movies in years, and one of the all-time greatest American adaptations of a Japanese franchise. Whether you’ve never even heard of “Ultraman” or you clearly remember where you were when the Ultra Brothers were crucified, this is a film worth watching.”

We want to give a big thanks to all the critics that have shown Ultraman: Rising so much love — and pose a challenge to all of you! If these guys like the movie so much, what’s stopping you from seeing it? And hey, if you have seen it… Well, it’s just as good the second time!