Meet the Heroes of Ultraman Series at Anime Expo 2024!

Meet the Heroes of Ultraman Series at Anime Expo 2024!

Are you coming to Anime Expo this coming weekend? Are you excited to check out the coolest characters and series to come from Japan and spread out over the world? Well, we’ve got great news for you! Starting this Thursday, July 4th, until Sunday, July 7th, the beloved heroes of the Ultraman Series will be making their way across the pacific to meet YOU!

Did you enjoy Ultraman: Rising? Well, not just Ultraman will be showing up, but his adorable Kaiju ward, Emi will as well! If your heart melted at the touching relationship between Giant and Kaiju, you’ll be able to see the two of them together.

Perhaps you’ve been anticipating the new series, Ultraman Arc? Arc himself will be making his first appearance outside of Japan at the convention! Be sure to meet him, and unleash your imagination!

Even Ultraman Zero, the son of Ultraseven and hero of the New Generation, will be there, making his first appearance in America! It may be 20,000 years too early for you to beat him, but it’s the perfect time to meet him!

All of these heroes will be at Bandai Namco’s Tamashii Nations booth at AX all four days, so make sure you make the trip over to see them! Check out the schedule below!

AX2024 Bandai Booth TN_31_1

To find out where the heroes of the Ultraman series will be next, make sure to stay close to Ultraman Connection!