Ultraman Box Set by Mill Creek: Our Hero Has Come

Ultraman Box Set by Mill Creek: Our Hero Has Come

Nobody does it like the original Ultraman, and nobody does the classic Ultraman series like Mill Creek. The Mill Creek 6-disc Ultramanbox set includes all 39 episodes of the original 1966 series and is, no doubt, the most optimal way to watch the story that started it all.

The box set itself has sleek, unique packaging with the iconic Ultraman logo and series title of the same name bolded and sitting on a separate plastic layer from the striking cover image of Ultraman in his classic hand formation. Slip off the plastic sleeve to reveal a text-free image on a beautiful red metallic box. This is the kind of thing that belongs on every Ultra-fan’s shrine (because let’s face it we all have a shrine).


‘From the land of light for justice’s sake he has come,” reads the opening line to the set’s accompanying booklet. The 28-page-booklet is equipped with background information on all technology featured in the show as well as hero profiles, the birth of Ultraman, some history of the series, character profiles, and a comprehensive episode guide complete with high-quality-color stills on each page.

Ultraman_Ultraman vs Gomora

Of course, Kaiju profiles are available as well, spotlighting the cast of fan favorite Kaiju like Bemular, Baltan, Naronga, Red King, Jihras, Pigmon, Dada, and many more.


The original Japanese broadcast edits are fully remastered and restored in HD Blu-Ray with lossless DTS-HD Master audio and English subtitles. The picture is so crisp and vibrant, it’s bound to reignite the nostalgia of catching Ultramanepisodes on public television as a child, while reinventing the memory with high definition restoration.

The definition is so good you can see all of the texture In Ultraman’s hand sculpted suit! 

Ultraman_Spacium Beam

Practical effects look more incredible than ever, optimized by HD. In episode eight, “The Monster Anarchy Zone”, blood nearly sprays off the screen onto your face when Red King tears Chandlar’s wing clean off!

The best moments of the series have never been better. We meet our hero in episode 1, “Ultra Operation No. 1”, and are thrown into an ethereal surreal scene on the liminal plane. Shin Hayata and Ultraman are encapsulated by iridescent bubbles, multicolored lights of all sizes shifting and glowing around them both as Ultraman bestows the great responsibility of his eternal allyship to Earth onto Hayata.


In episode two “Shoot the Invader!”, Alien Baltan and Ultraman tumble through the night sky together, wind rushing as they struggle against each other. Despite the use of figures and tricky angles, any viewer is able to suspend our disbelief and simply witness the intensity of battle amongst the clouds.

And it’s not all Pigmons, bubbles, and severed appendages! There are some real heart-string-tugging entries in this season. Episode 23, “My Home is Earth”, explores the sad story of Jamila, the scorned astronaut who’d been abandoned by Earth during the Cold War in an attempt to cover up a failure of the Space Race and sought to take revenge on humanity after mutating into a space monster.


With beyond-impressive miniature sets, a plethora of Kaiju and alien opponents, the loveable SSSP, and the hero that set the precedent for all to follow, Ultramanreally is a series for everyone.

There’s no better way to binge all 16 hours and 28 minutes of Ultramanthan with Mill Creek’s 6-disc UltramanBox Set, so be sure to swoop up this special Blu-Ray package while you still can!