Continuing their ongoing Classic Ultraman series releases, Mill Creek Entertainment has added another hallmark series to their library of Blu-rays with Ultraman Ace: The Complete Series! Ultraman Ace was the fifth entry in the Ultraman franchise, hitting airwaves during a particularly action-packed and effects-heavy time for the tokusatsu genre. Ace was conceived to be the most exciting series yet in order to cement Ultraman as the king of the genre. In a unique twist, the series featured both a male and female host for the latest incarnation of the Giant of Light—the hotheaded Seiji Hokuto and the kindhearted Yuko Minami. They used the leaping “Ultra Touch” to combine into the titular hero: the first double-bonded human team in the franchise. Ultraman Ace himself was a flashier fighter compared to his predecessors, augmenting the traditional, judo-inspired martial combat with a massive arsenal of creative and varied special techniques.
Ace Beam
Ace is also notable for introducing the first long-running villain to the Ultraman Series, the other-dimensional tyrant, Yapool. A dynamic hero needed a powerful villain to match him, after all. Yapool’s zeal to conquer Earth was matched only by his determination to personally destroy Ultraman Ace. To that end, Yapool crafted the horrifying terrible-monsters (Choju), cyborg abominations far stronger than any natural creature. Though aliens and traditional monsters were still a threat, the vast majority of the menaces to Earth during Ace’s tenure were these twisted combinations of flesh and metal. Against such beings, a single Ultraman may not have been enough, but Ace was never alone. He allied himself early on with TAC (Terrible-Monster Attacking Crew), the human defense team protecting the Earth from Yapool’s invasion. Ace also teamed up with his predecessors in the Inter Galactic Defense Force. Dozens of fantastic episodes highlight these over-the-top conflicts:
  • The first Terrible-Monster attack by the missile-launching Verokron
  • The assault of the sky-shattering Vakishim
  • The debut of the mighty Father of Ultra against the vile Alien Hipporit
  • The uniting of all five Ultra Brothers (Ultraman, Zoffy, Seven, Jack, and Ace) against the golden claw of the robotic copycat, Ace-Killer
Ace Rise
Each one of the 52 episodes of Ultraman Ace is loaded onto one of six Blu-ray discs, the first time the show has received an official English-language release, and in crisp hi-definition to boot. In addition, the set features a 24-page booklet with episode synopses, monster profiles, character bios, and more. For those who want more than just a physical edition, each set comes with a code that allows you to redeem the series on MovieSpree in a digital format. With Ultraman Ace: The Complete Series, Mill Creek has made its way into the second half of the Classic era. Look forward to more great Ultraman products coming soon from Mill Creek Entertainment and Tsuburaya Productions.