Spoilers for Ultraman Trigger Episode Z and Ultraman Decker!

We’re now weeks into Ultraman Decker, and the stakes have continued to raise as the battle against the Sphere invaders is finally starting in earnest. Kanata Asumi and the reborn GUTS-Select have formed an elite team to shatter the barrier covering the Earth and free humanity. 

However, this is not the first threat this Earth has faced of this magnitude; remember that Decker is a sequel to Ultraman Trigger: New Generation Tiga, and that it has been nine years since the threats of that series ended. What happened after the events of that series, that left GUTS-Select in need of reformation? The answers can be found in Ultraman Trigger Episode Z.

Episode Z opens two years after the events of Trigger, eight years before first contact with the Sphere in Decker. The looming threats of the Dark Giants and Megalothor has been ended, and the human hero who saved the world from these creatures as Ultraman Trigger, Kengo Manaka, seemingly sacrificed himself in order to stabilize the infinite energy source known as the Eternity Core. Seemingly, a lasting peace is finally here.

However, the mysterious Layrah cult has emerged from that peace with sinister intentions. Together with the team’s new captain, Ryuichi Tokioka, and other-dimensional allies Haruki Natsukawa and Ultraman Z, GUTS-Select plans to free Kengo from his confinement for one last adventure as Trigger. However, the Layrah have plans of their own, and a mastermind is pulling all the strings to enact a plan 30 million years in the making…

Though we don’t want to spoil the movie for you, the fact is that Episode Z truly is the end of Ultraman Trigger’s destined battles, and with his conflicts over, Earth was able to focus on expanding outwards into the stars. With the threat of Kaiju no longer a constant danger, vigilance began to diminish, defense technology was automated, and GUTS-Select as a team ended…and unfortunately, that’s where the TPU found itself when the Sphere descended on Mars, and later Earth. It all ties together!

We can’t tell you where Ultraman Decker is going, but rest assured, as the battle against the Sphere intensifies, figures from the past, both enemy and ally, will start to come out of the woodwork. So, to be prepared for that, rent Ultraman Trigger Episode Z on Ultraman Connection today, and keep watching Ultraman Decker on Ultraman Connection (commercial free!) and the Official Ultraman YouTube Channel!