If you’ve been enjoying Anime ULTRAMAN on Netflix so far, buckle your seatbelts because the ride is only beginning! In Season 2, things are about to get even more exciting and that’s in part due to award nominated voice actress Ayane Sakura joining the cast to voice the Alien Wadoran Princess Maaya. Fan favorite Sakura is known for her roles in anime such as Attack on Titan, My Hero Academia, Tokyo Ghoul and many more.

“Feeling the limits of her species, the Alien Wadoran Princess journeys to Earth to steal humanity’s lifeforce.”

Princess Maaya is the leader of the Alien Wadoran species and plays an important part behind the scenes in the global disappearance incident. With an ulterior motive and plenty of power, Maaya and her obedient Noh Mask Maids orchestrate the remote teleportation of people with their “Biosis Camera”. Her character is definitely going to be a layered one!

The character design of the Alien Wardoran species is a combination of aesthetic influences, paying homage to Alien Wild and Alien Magellan from the original Showa Ultraseven series. We also see, in the character trailer and teaser images released yesterday, the Space Dragon “Esrun”, based on Ultraseven’s Space Dragon Nurse.

Sakura is quoted saying, “I am Ayane Sakura, voice of Alien Wardoran. I watched Ultraman when I was young, and I’m overjoyed to be able to dive into this new world of [Anime] ULTRAMAN. I want everyone to be drawn in by [Princess Maaya’s] cuteness! Please give her all of your support.”

And that we will, Ayane! We are beyond excited to welcome both Princess Maaya and Ayane Sakura into the Ultraman universe.

Leading up to the drop of Anime ULTRAMAN Season 2, Tsubaraya will be regularly releasing trailers to highlight the new characters so make sure to check out the ULTRAMAN OFFICIAL YouTube channel. Some of these include TARO (Voice Actor: Tomoaki Maeno), ZOFFY (VA: Hideyuki Tanaka), Alien Pedant (VA: Junichi Suwabe), and many more!

View the Anime ULTRAMAN Season 2 Character Trailers Playlist here.

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