Sealizar: The Dead Don’t Die (But They Do Stink!)

Sealizar: The Dead Don’t Die (But They Do Stink!)

Have you ever come across a beached whale? It’s one of the most tragic, and yet fascinating events in nature- a massive cetacean stranding itself on land and dying. The body bloats and stinks as gasses build up from the rotting carcass, and according to legend, if not disposed of properly (a difficult situation), it can explode violently, raining gore for hundreds of meters in every direction. A real-life horror story, right?

Now, what if one of those beached whales was hundreds of feet long, and despite visibly rotting with no signs of life, continued to move?

Why, you’d have the runner-up of Ultraman Connection’s Creepiest Kaiju contest, the Zombie Monster Sealizar, of course. Despite only making a single appearance, Sealizar is remembered (if, perhaps, not fondly) as one of the most foul and disgusting creatures to have ever clashed against an Ultra. Let’s take a look at this curdling corpse, and see if we can understand why it’s left such an impression on the minds (and noses) of the fanbase.

Sealizar’s appearance was heralded with quite a bit of news — mostly because it didn’t come marauding in on a city, but instead washed up on the beach, a bloated corpse. News media arrived en masse to cover attempts at disposal — none of which actually went well. As the day went on without a solution to the Sealizar problem, its stink began to go from nauseating to literally hazardous, hospitalizing people from the sheer stench alone. 

And so, it was decided to take the corpse out to see and incinerate it — another failed plan, as the rotted flesh of the beast made it impossible to keep ahold of, its stomach splitting open and spewing viscera onto the ground. Delightful.

The situation rapidly got worse, however, as this shock resulted in the corpse suddenly standing up and beginning to walk, forcing an immediate panicked evacuation as the zombie began to lumber mindlessly, shrugging off any attempts at destruction from GUTS or any other military forces. Further upping the ante, Sealizar’s path began to take it in the direction of a natural gas treatment plant, risking a vast escalation of the already-incredible environmental disaster!

GUTS managed to divert Sealizar’s path, and even engaged in a plan to melt the creature’s body using radiation, but only succeeded in detonating the munitions that had been embedded in Sealizar’s flesh, nearly blowing themselves up as Sealizar regenerated. Still, there was a plan now, and GUTS pushed forward to use a tank of natural gas to annihilate Sealizar’s cells. Unfortunately, Sealizar STILL didn’t feel like cooperating, leading to the appearance of Ultraman Tiga to help save the day!

Even Tiga had a rough time against the corpse — the question keeps coming up, how do you kill something that is already dead? The solution came from combining GUTS’ efforts with Tiga’s powers, as the giant was able to use his Zeperion Beam to ignite the gas tank that Sealizar had by that point absorbed, exploding it and completely annihilating it past the point of regeneration. (Unfortunately, the stink stuck around for a while, I’ve heard.)

This week, we’ve covered a number of the scariest Kaiju to ever appear in the Ultraman Series, but we’ve barely scratched the surface of the massive iceberg of Ultraman Kaiju. Stick close to Ultraman Connection to find out more about the literal thousands of Kaiju and Aliens that the Ultras have come into conflict with while defending the Earth, and we’ll see you soon!