The Noob Reviews Ultraman New Generation Stars Episode 6

The Noob Reviews Ultraman New Generation Stars Episode 6

Ultraman New Generation Stars episode 6 “Trigger’s Peril! The Golden Threat” follows Ultraman Trigger, as he is introduced to the Dimensionizer for the first time and receives an intense message from the Land of Light: The history you’ve built still remains in our future. 

Faced with this vague and daunting expectation and mysterious device, Trigger is pushed to look deep into his past for guidance on how to manifest the energy necessary to move forward. Naturally, he finds himself recalling a time in which he was challenged with harnessing a similar mysterious and untrained power: the power of the Eternity Core. 

The Eternity Core is an enigmatic force capable of reshaping the universe as we know it, and as such is sought after by many dark forces, including the Giants of Darkness and the Absolutians, both of whom strive to use its power for their own malicious designs.  

Kengo Manaka, Trigger’s human incarnation, has grappled with the pressure of embodying Ultraman Trigger, overcoming the injury inflicted on him by mechanical monster, Darebolic, defending the Eternity Core from the Absolutians, and learning to harness the Eternity Core’s power. 

While most people would fold under the weight of such expectations, Kengo has continued to persevere, and remains determined; something recognized by his friend, GUTS-Select member Yuna Shizuma, who commended Kengo for facing his destiny head on despite his insecurities. 

When met with a seemingly indomitable power, it feels only natural to meet it with an indomitable spirit. While determination is valuable and can take us far, it became clear that sentiment was not enough to prevent Absolute Diavolo from almost absorbing the Eternity Core’s energy right out of Trigger’s very body. He would’ve been completely compromised if it weren’t for the unexpected help of Ultraman Ribut! 

Ribut’s ability to pace himself against Diavolo served as a model for what skills Kengo had to internalize to fully embrace the potential of Trigger’s power. It’s clear that Ribut was an aspirational figure for Kengo, and that relationship dynamic speaks to the overarching importance of legacy within the Ultraman New Generation Stars series.


Although Ribut was the one who ultimately saved the day here, I would argue that both Ultraman Trigger and Ultraman Ribut were necessary in the protection of the Eternity Core and the defeat of the Absolutians. Ribut was the one who offered necessary guidance and a helping hand, but both the teacher and the student in any given situation are important to the forward momentum of knowledge, and the reinstatement of values in each new generation. I think this sentiment is best encapsulated in this episode when Ribut reminds Trigger, “If you are an Ultra, you must never look down,” a statement reminiscent of Ribut’s home, the Land of Light.

Trigger’s gratitude for Ribut is so strong, it manifests into the psychic energy necessary to reach the future via the Dimensionizer, allowing Trigger to do his part to preserve the legacy of the Ultras’ unbreakable connections with one another. 

The memory Trigger revisited was a painful reminder that even Ultras can feel inadequate at times, but it also reinforced the value in being able to rely on those with even more knowledge or experience than ourselves. It’s impossible to just rely on willpower alone to get us over every hurdle.

The episode is filled with amazing visual effects, dynamic miniature shots, unique angles, and 

plenty of perspectives. Between Kengo’s journey of self-actualization, GUTS-Select’s dawning discovery of the truth of the threat they face, the conflict between the Absolutians and the Giants of Darkness, and the relationship development of Ribut and Trigger, we get to learn so much about the world of Ultraman Trigger, and the importance of interconnectedness. 

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