Ultraman the Ride Debuts at the Seibuen Amusement Park!

Ultraman the Ride Debuts at the Seibuen Amusement Park!

In early summer 2023, Ultraman the Ride, the world’s largest indoor ride attraction themed on Ultraman, will be available at Seibuen Amusement Park.

About Ultraman the Ride

This attraction will deliver the ultimate experience by depicting the world of Ultraman on a large, powerful screen, with meticulously crafted images synchronized perfectly with a ride system that shakes and moves intensely, all on an overwhelming scale.

The creative team responsible for producing this attraction includes film director Takashi Yamazaki, a representative figure of Japan, as well as a team that has created numerous attractions in the past.

Comments from Takashi Yamazaki

I am extremely excited to be involved in creating the Ultraman ride this time. My childhood dreams are coming true one after another... If I could tell my younger self, I would definitely cry tears of joy from the overwhelming happiness. With Godzilla the Ride, the theme of giant monsters and the system of the Yuhi-kan (a section within Seibuen with the theme of the Showa-era) created an unexpected chemical reaction, and we were able to deliver an excitement that even we ourselves were surprised by. This time, I believe the challenge is to create a ride that no one has ever experienced before. What is the key to achieving this? I think it is the power of storytelling. Please look forward to our further challenge of how we can convey a sense of excitement and emotion within a short period of time.


Ultraman the Ride will appear as a new attraction at Seibuen Amusement Park, which has exceeded a total of 40 million visitors since 1981, as a highlight of the Tobikkiri Sugo YEAR 2023! The experience of Ultraman the Ride will be available at Yuhi-kan. In addition, there will be Ultraman-themed menus at restaurants in the park, as well as original merchandise.

Tobikkiri Sugo YEAR 2023!

The opening date of Ultraman the Ride and the detailed content of the attraction will be announced gradually. Please stay tuned and look forward to further announcements.

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