It’s now or never… I gotta do it now!

Right off the heels of the Ultra Galaxy Fight: The Destined Crossroad trailer at the beginning of the week, the world got introduced properly to Ultraman Decker, the new Ultraman Series premiering on July 9, 2022, with a new teaser. While this review will be focusing totally on the trailer itself, it will be using details from the press release containing the synopsis of the series, which you can find here. Here’s the trailer:

The first part of the trailer is near-identical to the teaser shown at the end of the Ultraman Connection Ultraman Trigger: Episode Z Watch Party, on March 18. At the time, fans were blindsided by the reveal and started dissecting whatever information was there—but Tsuburaya remained mum on the subject, waiting until now. 25 years ago, the baton was passed from hero to hero, Ultraman Tiga entrusting the future of the Neo Frontier to Ultraman Dyna. In 2022, the baton has been passed again, as the role of Ultraman passes from Ultraman Trigger to Ultraman Decker!

As we are reintroduced to the heroic machines of GUTS-Select, we get a look at the team’s new face, Kanata Asumi, the host of our new Ultraman. Utilizing the Ultra D Flasher and Dimension cards, he transforms into Ultraman Decker Flash Type!

Decker Flash Type is one of the most unique and stylish Ultraman designs yet, featuring an asymmetrical color timer only rarely seen, nestled within a chest plate that bares a galaxy of stars. Decker’s Ultra Armor is similarly asymmetrical, a beautiful look that is reminiscent of his predecessor Dyna while being unmistakably new and unique.

We also got a look at Decker’s other two forms, Strong and Miracle. Decker Strong Type takes the asymmetrical armor design and further enhances it, thick golden plating covering his left arm and right leg, his body red and vermillion in contrast. This armor is clearly effective, as shown when a violent energy blast menaces Decker from offscreen, and the crimson behemoth tanks it without so much as flinching.

Miracle, meanwhile, is almost unarmored, as befitting a form that draws from mystic powers. Boasting a cool blue body with scales of icy teal, his specialty lies in energy manipulation and unexplainable abilities, as seen when a similar blast of energy to the one that menaced Strong Type surges towards Decker once again, only for Miracle Type to absorb the beam into his palm, entirely unbothered.

The three forms of Decker stand side by side, showing the considerable range of ability this new Ultraman holds, before cutting to a final splash of Asumi and his three giant forms, in front of…

Wait a second. Is that the Sphere? The shapeshifting extraterrestrial invader has not been seen since 2012’s Ultraman Saga, and was a threat that only Ultraman Dyna could handle… Well, Decker certainly has his work cut out for him! Ultraman Decker premieres on July 9th, 2022. If you want to learn more about this new hero, check out the press release here, and for all future info on the Ultraman Series, stay on Ultraman Connection!