ACRO Presents Kaiju Remix Series P.K Zetton Figure!

ACRO Presents Kaiju Remix Series P.K Zetton Figure!

The Kaiju Remix Series is a premium figure line from ACRO, makers of fine kaiju figures and collectibles. Collaborating with talented sculptors to create unique reinterpretations of legendary Kaiju, ACRO has partnered with Paul Komoda to bring a beautiful and intimidating new interpretation of the Space Dinosaur, Zetton, as part of the KRS P.K line!

Following Astromons, Bemular, and Gan-Q, this is the fourth remix by Paul Komoda, featuring Zetton, the Space Dinosaur, the final Kaiju from the original 1966 Ultraman series.

Zetton's organic feel is captured with the use of intricate molds throughout its body, and the inorganic luminescent parts are represented with transparent pieces. The KRS P.K Zetton incorporates Komoda's unique interpretation while respecting the original design.

The sculpting of Paul Komoda has been faithfully recreated using ACRO's unique U-Vinyl technology (burned mold method), allowing for an accurate representation of the original sculpt.

Though produced in Japan for the famous vinyl figures convention known as Super Festival, it has been made purchasable globally through THE KAIJU STORE, for $160 USD plus shipping.

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Product Name: Soft Vinyl Painted Finished Figure KRS P.K Zetton

Release Date: September 2023

Price: $160 (excluding tax) + Shipping Fee

(It will be international shipping but only charged domestic shipping fee from Los Angeles)

Height: Approximately 15 inch

Prototype Production: Paul Komoda

Prototype Cooperation: Genzo Ihara (ZO MODELS)


Product Specifications: Soft vinyl painted finished figure

Materials: Body - Soft Vinyl, PVC; Base - Polystone